Colubus in the Soprafino Tarot Deck

Here I am continuing with putting into the www, what I remember from the stories and
allegories that went with the Soprafino Tarot deck- according to my Grandmother and other readers of her time. These also went with the Courts, who also were seen as
archetypes from stories/ history everyone back then had heard about.

The Fan Di Spade was “Don Colon” = Christopher Columbus who discovered the New World and when you had him and the World card in a reading, that foretold very good outcomes and riches and new things to come…..

That does not fit at all with how the readers and Tarot history scholars of today see and interpret this card.

Fan di Spade
I think for the readers of my Gran’s time, it depended largely on how the person on the cards was depicted/ looked like, that inspired the corresponding stories and thereby how the card was interpreted by the reader. as far as my memory tells me, the large hat was the main attribute, why this card ended up being seen and read as Don Colon. And yes, he looms large over pristine land, wielding a formidable sword….
The Fan Di Spade of another deck was maybe someone else, because he looked different.Oh,I soooo wish, that there was someone “out there” that could come here and tell us….


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