Empress Sissy of Austria in the Soprafino Tarot?

I am continuing with writing down,what I remember from the stories and
allegories that went with the cards of the Soprafino Tarot deck- according to my Grandmother and other readers of her time.

As I said, these meanings, that the common readers used, were quite removed from what the deck creators intended or wrote on pamphlets that only few people could read…..
They rather followed archetypes and their traits…..

Reg di Spade

The Reg. Di Spade,

the Queen of Swords most likely ended up being the Empress Sissy archetype,( in my Gran’s times) because she held her hand to her chest in a gesture of empathy. Empress Elisabeth of Austria was very beloved and everyone knew, that she knew sorrow and hardship and pain, having lost a baby, being in looooove with King Ludwig and married to the Emperor Franz Joseph and harassed by his mother. But through it all she carried herself with regal grace. In a way, that is how we see the Queen of Swords today…

More infos about the Empress Sissy of Austria:



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