Tarocchi Celtici ! My new deck!

I received this Tarot from the trading forum of Aeclectic Tarot 🙂

Tarocci Celtici

I traded it for a set of handmade – by me Sterling silver Loon Earrings ( and since I know, that this is a rather htf deck, I added a matching Loon necklace as a little surprise for my trading partner.)
This deck is stunning – and what I loooove: a little abstract art and filled with the Celtic Gods and Goddesses in the mayors, the 4 Seasons and Plants and Animals in the Minors.
 All the info – and the beautiful book are in Italian, so I have NO idea, what the symbolism on the card is intended to be – from the artist’s point of view.
I will attempt to make sense of a few of these enigmatic cards and post my findings in this blog. –

I think there are others, who have this deck and maybe someone will join me in my explorations.

I hope so.

First here is a deck review from the web:


The hurdles I am facing:

1)I can not even shuffle the cards of my deck – because the way they are = HUUUUUGE,  cardboard-like  material and none rounded corners.

2)the cards have only numbers – from 1 to 78 -so as of now, I do not even quite know, what I am loooooking at.

3)the key words and the accompanying book are all in Italian. I speak no Italian and the link I gave is my only outside help with exploring the deck.

4) All the Minors are cards featuring the Celtic Tree alphabet.  I will have to use the Celtic Tree Oracle Book to even try and make sense of them….

My first tasks will be:

– to find a very fine pen and write into the left upper corner of the cards, what card this would be – in an ordinary deck

– familiarize myself with the Celtic Tree Alphabet

– find a site on the net that translates key words and Tree names and and and from Italian into English

– more tasks sure to become evident

🙂  wish me luck!

During the bug season I am outside in our Mosquito tent with all the cards spread around me :)

During the bug season I am outside in our Mosquito tent with all the cards spread around me 🙂


4 thoughts on “Tarocchi Celtici ! My new deck!

  1. Goodness, they are huge aren’t they? More of an old style deck by the looks of it. From the scans I’ve seen online, I can’t really make out much – are you finding them easy to interpret?

    • Hi milliecrow! 🙂
      Actually, i have a lot of challenges right in front of my nose and – this is the place, where I will share more about them. 🙂
      Ifffff only I could read Italian…. But I think that maybe then this would just be another deck for me….

  2. i so wish you could still get that deck today. i’ve seen the images and they have facinated me but sadly cannot find any for sale.

    • Oh!
      Yes, that is a problem!
      Are you a member of Aeclectic Tarot? – or other LARGE Tarot forums?
      You could put up a “in search of thread and see, if maybe someone can help.
      Maybe even contact Laura Tuan?
      Good luck!
      Iffff I see one advertised somewhere I will certainly drop you a line!

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