Tarocchi Celticy: putting pen to paper :)

I feel like a schoolgirl of 8 in class today. I loved to experiment and find out new things and learn. It was sooo much fun:)

This deck and exploring it, finding out what the images might mean, brings me back to that magical time.

I never liked math, it was vexing and complicated. But when I look at the Italian explanations of my cards in the book, that accompanies the Tarocchi Celtici, I feel the same frustration, guessing, trying hard, but never quite getting it….

Sure, I could scan the texts and make RTF files and chase them through a translator – I might do that, but only AFTER I tried my very best of being a Tarot detective.

However, I started to make some sense of some things today:

I decided to”defile” the original cards by writing onto them.

Would you do that?

Is a deck “sacred” the way it is – or is it a pack of images on cardboard, that is meant to be a tool for us to use.?

Use in readings – sure .

But before I could even attempt that, I will have to learn and understand, what I have in my hands – and thereby before my soul here.

Sure I could just read intuitively and then, after a month or so working with the deck, let go of a deep sigh and – put it into its splendid boz and onto the pile of decks labeled “beautiful, but I never use it” Did I spend / trade the beautiful earrings for that? No! Besides, I sense, ifff I do the work and sink my teeth into this deck and mark the cards as mine and do whatever else necessary, I will learn something. Something more about Celtic culture about the Celtic Otherworld and also why and how it feels, for people, that in trance and dreams “see” Fairies and Undines and Sprites and not Wolves and Tigers and BEES….

THIS is a weak spot for me: I come to this with the viewpoint of my Siberian ancestry and some picked up “cultural baggage” that has the notion, that “seeing Fairies and angels and fluttering undines with wings and – is “children’s stuff “ and not a serious shamanic Otherworld realm.

I have NO idea, how and where I picked up on these shadowy notions, but it is high time to get rid of them and so here Is another tool, to take another stab at it.

Under the heading “what I work with becomes familiar and then normal” whatever that is…. on any given day.

I need to ad my own key, to unlock the puzzle.

So out came the fine ink pens and then I grabbed the book and the deck and is very small lettering wrote the A = Ace, the 2 to 10 as well as Page, Knight, Queen and King into the upper left corner of the cards, so I am not dependent on the numbering 1 to 78 that all the cards have. While the cards are numbered, the corresponding descriptions in the book are not and they are also not in the sequence of the cards…. It is complicated to describe…. But now at least I can easily find which Italian description goes with which card and what card of the Tarot I am looking at.

See, I have 4 cards called “Frassino : Nion” one for Primavera = Spring, one for Estate = Summer, one for Autumno = Fall and one for Inverno = Winter.

That is easy, but – then the next problem: Studying the image and checking other texts I discovered, that – there is a spelling mistake or difference – it should most probably be Nuin instead of Niun – that is the Celtic word for Ash = the Ash Tree, which governs the 4 IV cards of the Minors……

In the same vein of thought I found out, that “Hualt” most likely is meant to be the more well known spelling Huarthe = Hawthorn = How Italian speakers write and pronounce Celtic words is different from how English speakers would pronounce and write the same word.Spring35


My card of the day was the number

35 – Canna Ngetal o Ebbio Peith :bugeyed:

Nice for a card name, eh;)

Now, after my clarification exercises I determined, that it is the Queen of Reed for Spring 🙂

After writing the card numbers into the booklet I finalllly found her and when trying to decipher the Italian, one word sprang up immmmediately: Gufo!!

The very second I read it I saw an Owl in front of my inner eye. And True!! Gufo means Owl and there is one on the card, hidden among the reeds.

As Owl is my main Spirit guardian, I am a happy camper among the reeds!


2 thoughts on “Tarocchi Celticy: putting pen to paper :)

  1. What an interesting looking deck. Never heard of it before. Yes, I would write on them,particularly if it helped me use/understand what the artist was conveying. Happy times to you researching this deck…

  2. yes 🙂 thanks! The more i loooook, the more I see!
    I just found out, that many cards have actual archaeological artefacts on the images! Now my nose is REALLY to the grind stone!
    Stay tuned, as the next month or so I am going to be working with these cards.

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