Card inspections:

Things I found out about my deck today:

All my Spring cards have Fairies/ Pixies, Air Spirits in the images = element Air

All the Summer cards have Fire Salamander Spirits = element Fire

All the Fall cards have Gnomes or “Brownies” = element Earth

All my Winter cards have Undines and other Water Spirits = element Water

Cards 23, 37, 51 and 65 are the Aces and are all featuring a different Tree:

Furze for Spring and Air, Heather for Summer and Fire, Poplar for Fall and Earth, Silver Fir for Winter and Water

– Cards 24, 38, 52, and 66 make up the 2s and their Tree is Birch. They all also feature a mighty Hart / Stag in     one form or another.

– Cards 25, 39, 53 and 67 make up the 3s and their Tree is Rowan. They all also have a River running through the image

-Cards 26, 40, 54 and 68 make up the 4s and all have the Ash as their Tree and have a strange “wind glyph” in common.

– Cards 27, 41, 55, and 69 all are the 5s and are under the Alder Tree and also feature a wooden vessel or container of some sort.

– Cards 28, 42, 56, and 70 are the 6ses and have the Willow Cards which all also feature a Bird of Prey.

– Cards29, 43, 57 and 71 are the 7s and thereby Hawthorn Tree cards. They also have a mysterious blond woman with a loooooong braid in the image.:)

– Cards 30, 44, 58 and 72 are the 8 cards and their Tree is Oak. Their other common attribute is Fire!

– Cards 31, 45, 59 and 73 and making up the 9s with the Holly Tree and a mighty poky lance as another commonality

– Cards 32, 46, 60 and 74 are the 10s and feature the Hazel Tree as well as the Salmon that ate the Hazel of Wisdom , the one the Goddess Ceredwin was after…..

– Cards 33, 47, 61 and 75 are Blackberry bushes for the Pages and have an enigmatic glyph as another symbol in common. I will have to find out, what that may mean…

– Cards 34, 48, 62 and 76 are Queens with slender Reeds and – a Gufo = Owl for wisdom and perception. 🙂

– Cards 36, 50, 64 and 78 are the Kings with their Elder Tree and the magical white Hind as their Guide.

Erica Ura Ace of Summer

I pulled as my card of the day the No 37 Erica : Ura

In English that would be Heather and this card in a normal deck would be the

Ace of Summer.

How auspicious!:)

This suit also corresponds with the element of Fire and reminds me, that in the olden times Heather was used to smudge and purify the home. Still today it is good to hang Heather bushels up into the rafters to discourage nasty spirits as well as Gnats, Ants and other Insects….

There is a spindly thin fairy sitting in the Heather branch. With a satisfied grin on her face she holds up a torch ready to alight the Heather.

In the background of the image there is some Cattle and a goat.. It was also customary, to chase cattle through the embers of Heather to cleanse them. This was the only way to keep them safe from foot and mouth disease our ancestors had.

The ace of summer makes me think of Beltane and yes, there is the reef of flowers often crowning the May Pole! However, I am wondering, what the wasp at its foot is doing and whom it may sting.

Near the feet of the fairy there is a ?? metal tray with a chequerboard square design in its centre.  3 small Fruits – maybe Strawberries are nearby at the ready. This looks to me like a divining tray. Where will the Strawberries come to rest?

The whole one – a good omen – the one that someone took a bite out – not soooo good. And the unripe fruit? Something that will not come to ripen in the coming season.

The small Bird, that rests on the shoe of the fairy may be a Lark

– for good luck.




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