Of bugs and memories

Card 38 Betulla:Beth = the Birch – In a regular deck this card might well be the 2 of Fire

The Tree is always is in the centre of the Image.38 Birrch

However, high above its uppermost branches a cloth line has been strung. There we see the Fairy laundry hung up to dry. Russet, reddish brown garments of the simplest cut. One of them adorned with the mighty Hart. By the shape of his antlers most likely a Fallow Deer together with a drawing of a stone circle. The next garment in line features an emblem I recognize as being worn by the Egyptian Goddesses Hathor and Isis, the horns with the circle of life.

At the foot of the Birch a Fire Salamander Fairy – not my word, but from the book – is holding a Butterfly-like Birch seed pot in one hand and a lit torch in the other.

Fire is the element of the suit of Summer.

Then we have a few Insects: A large yellow Grasshopper, a “Maikaefer”, the proverbial May-Beetle – and oh nasty!! – a Horsefly complete with laaaaaarge stinger!! 😦

No wonder, the Fairy needs a Fire wand to protect herself – the monster is half her size….

However, the Insects also remind me of the existence of life forms VERY different from me – and that often we fear, what we do not know…

Hmmm… But: I KNOW Horseflies and their nasty habit of biting out a piece of my living flesh when they get half a chance… I am presently sitting in our Mosquito tent on the deck, so as to be save from them and their nasty ways of life. I well remember, as a child how they tormented our large Belgian work Horse “Puppe” and made her kick and rear up, no matter that my father had her in full tack and with a loaded travoi of firewood tacked on….

May- Buggs however were something to observe, collect and keep long enough to write down if it was a “Miller, a Knight, a Queen or a King or a Bishop or…. depending on how many white dots it had and other external characteristics. Then it was time to let him/ her crawl up my finger – it tickled… and see him pump up his wings and eventually take flight.

And Grasshoppers and Cicadas!?? Do you remember the trick to put a leave of Grass between your thumbs, create a resonant cave with your hands and blow into the slit between your thumbs to make the Grass sing in “Grasshopper language?”

We has a whole sound alphabet….

And: Do you remember the Grasshopper races, we had? Who’s hopper could jump furthest! Measuring distances with a red string and arguing about it and loosing site of our chosen champion – or – ?? – was that my Hopper – or your’s???

– another hop – and he was gone…..


To me this card is about memories…

Today anyway……



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