Tarocchi Celtici: Nemetona,

Tarocchi Celtici:

Card VI Nemetona.

Nemetona ATsize

She is a consort of the war god Mars and seen as the Mother of the living Forest, especially the Trees, and so also the Goddess, that protects the Sacred Groves. The Celts often did their rituals within a Sacred Grove. This land was set apart = NO war or actions of conflict allowed and therefore neutral ground.

The Image shows the Goddess emerging from – or dressed in a cape/ gown made from Tree bark. Her jewellery pieces are Flowers and Butterflies, so is her head dress.

She is one of the maaaaany tripple Goddesses, – The Celts expressed the importance of a deity by depicting him/ her with 3 heads.

So, Nemetona is in charge of Trees, the Forest, vegetation – That is plenty for one head. But she is also seen as a war – and passion goddess – being the consort of Mars – no wonder …

And she is the one to preside over the maaany varied aspects of LOVE.

In the English language love is a loaded word that can mean sooooo many different things:

I love my husband of 27 years

I love strawberries!:)

I love being lazy and writing this….

I have a passion for Tarot!:)

I an passionate about Nature and Animals.

I HATE with a passion those, who do harm to the creatures of the wild. ( – well, just to make a point here 🙂 I am not a hater…)

Love and War – the passion of a conviction and the willingness to die for that conviction….

What I think is right and noble, as opposed what the leader of the Gun Lobby or the Ku Klux Clan may think….

Or” Ifff I can not have you, nobody can and so I am going to mix me a little poison and then you will be MINE forever!!”

That is, what the poisonous mushrooms on her headdress are for.

The poison that kills a beloved pet… administered in love by the vet – and the tears that drop on dying fur…..

We have all been there…..

We also know the Sacred Healing Plants that save a loved one’s life – or our own. They come in pill form from the pharmacy today…. They also grow on another of Nemetona’s heads.

The Snail that sloooowly moves forward, while it eats the plants – Time eats all – including love! The Snail has more antennae as normal – What may that mean? It comes down the left side of the central head –

– Which memories is it going to make us forget?-

-Which ones will it help us retain?

The 3 Heads also portray different emotions.:

Dreaming of love and all things good,

Looking ahead – or back at lost love?

And being wide eyed and verbal!?

Is this head expressing resentment? Confusion/ animosity?

It is a perplexing expression to me.

– But then – love is perplexing….

The Ladybug:

The Butterfly:

There are countless New Age interpretations for these 2 Beings.

What was the traditional Celtic view of them?

Not so much on the British Isles, but among the Celts in Central Europe?

Why there? Because this is an Italian deck 🙂

The Celts were a very diverse People and not everything was seen with the same meaning everywhere….

This needs research….

I think, it also would be worth our while to research the meaning of all the Plants used in this deck, as there is an ancient “language of Plants”, where images of plants are used to express certain concepts. The People of the Victorian area re- discovered that and used it widely 🙂

The Key words: I do not speak a single word of Italian, but have some rusty rudimentary Latin in the back of my brain – from medical school..

So I would venture to say:

Being enamoured with – something/ someone




From the reverse meanings given I can make out the


-The others – you have to guess – or stick them into an Italian translator on the web.


3 thoughts on “Tarocchi Celtici: Nemetona,

  1. Your blog has been both entertaining and helpful. I received my first tarot deck with excitement. I washave confused and felt guilty when I started to feel as if I should be searching for a new deck that is more connected to nature, and specifically shamanism. I can imagine myself getting pleasure studying a beautiful deck of celtic cards as well. You have inspired me to trust my intuition.

    • You are VERY welcome!Divination has always been one of the skills of the shaman and often was expected. In the ooooolden days we used bones and entrails, read the cloud formations and Bird tracks on the ground, nowadays it is card oracles, bits and bobs oracles, and Tarot – among many other methods. learning and broadening our skill set is a life long challenge.

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