A Golden Boat

Tarocchi Celtici Card 72 Querica: Duir = Oak
In a regular deck it could stand for 8 of Winter = 8 of Water

card 72
First impressions:
Oh Bummer! The Oak is hit by lightning, the Oak forest is aflame, and is going to wreck havoc!

A small Water Being is sitting beneath the burning Tree. A monstrous wooden figure carved obviously from Oak stands in a yellow bowl-like boat,that looks very much like a golden acorn, with many oars and a Celtic rolling wheel design carved into its front. This quatroskeli = 4 footed one sometimes is said to represent the Moon and her 4 phases = dark, waxing, full and waning .
This boat and the figurine in it will burn, if not set afloat in time!
Is it a sacrifice?
The Oak Trees will be all right – they survive Fire.
Incidentally, an Oak hit by lightning was seen as Sacred by the Druids and Oak was the wood of choice for building boats.
Now, looking at the boat a little closer I remember, that I have seen a depiction of it before:

In a book: Heroes of the Dawn, my time Life copy. Gold boat
Yes, here it is, on page 71  = a miniature ship made in the 1st century BC  out of pure gold – complete with oars and mast. It was part of a hoard discovered at Broighter site in County Derry.
And now it clicks in my head!
The Oak Giant is an archaeological find as well!
Yes, looking through my husband’s books I discover him in “Die Kelten” another Time Life book in German  language from 1976. Oak man
In real life and our dimensions this Oak Man is only 45 cm high, carve from Oak and has miss-formed feet that turn inward.
It is assumed there, that he most probably is a votive offering from someone who wishes his club foot or similar foot ailment to be healed by the Gods. Therefore, this statue  was deposited in a swamp at the spring of the river Seine in France.

It was a way of life, to bring prayers and  requests before the gods by creating or commissioning an effigy/ representation of whatever it was, that one desieres and deposit this in a swamp or spring or cave, a gift to the Earth Mother
This now tells me, that this card is all about giving sacrifices to the Spirits of the Land in order to receive something.
The Fire will hurt, but it will also cleanse and provide for new growth.

Sacrificing something precious always has a bitter-sweet taste

– like acorn porridge,

but it also is freeing, gracing and at times healing.




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