Tarocchi Celtici – IX Ogimos

Ogimos is an older, wiser guy. Some say, like Heracles in his senior years.

His forte’ is his eloquence in speaking. He mesmerises his audience to such an extend, that their ears are chained to his every word and they follow willingly to wherever he leads. Eloquence in speech was highly prized among the Druids – they had a guild of ovids and yes, also the bards, but all words of wisdom had to be spoken in a pleasing and engaging way. Ogimos also was known as a psychopomp, a shaman who’s words and chants guide the soul of fallen warriors into the Otherworld. Some people assume, that Ogmios lend his name to the Ogham, the Celtic Tree alphabet.
On the card we see Ogimos sitting on the ground outside – near a stone circle. In his right – almost skeletal hand (alluding towards death and – silence..) he holds a formidable hatchet – probably from his warrior days. Today however his tongue is his mighty weapon. He is wearing a lion skin and is pointing towards the head of this costume, that lies to his feet. He is also equated with being a sun deity, with his hair spread out like sun rays – much as the Green Man wears his leaves. – relating back to Maponus. The Lion motive is also repeated on the hatchet – along with Ohgam signs.
Around his neck he has a green chain with many heads. All his listeners, that fell into his spell. But now – he is as chained to them as they are chained to him…. What will they do if ever he falls silent. How heavy are they for him to wear?
The weight of the wisdom of old age.
Behind him the standing stones have Ogham inscriptions. I will have to sit down and figure those out.
We also see a sprig of Yew, pointing towards regeneration and rebirth and also linking this card with the XII,Gwydion, who is hanging from a Yew Tree


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