Tarocchi Celtici Card 66 Betulla: Beith

In the Celtic Ogham Beith, the Birch Tree is the first month and comes after Samhain in what today is November 30 – Al Grimrath.

Birch stands for new beginnings, cleansing, the feminine Goddess of the Forest, and strength for new tasks.

66 Winter Water

This Birch Tree is in the centre of the card, flanked by a mighty Hart upon who’s left antler a Fish Fairy/ Undine is hanging??
Another of this species sporting a looooong Lizard tail is cowering at the floor next to a large beautiful decanter. Iffff only I knew, what that “thing” is, that this Being is about to pick up and show to us. It is monochromatic pictograph like – object or sign…?? Is it something used in divination? And I as a diviner have no idea!?It somehow looks like a monochromatic rock art symbol, rather than an object. Maybe someone who has the book and speaks Italian can help out here.
I am finding all the Water Nymphs in this suit quite strange. Should they not be in the Water, their home?? And why is this the Winter suit, when it shows the Birch tree here and all the other trees/ plants in this suit all in full bloom?
But then all the Trees in the Celtic Tree alphabet are shown in full Summer bloom and do not reflect the seasons either.
– Strange…..
I feel, that this is something, that will eventually bother me, when I use this deck for readings.
Shall I ignore the Water/ Winter aspect? But fish tailed Beings on dry land will inevitably bring up the notion of “being out of place/ out of their element…….”


I was fascinated, when in one of our books about archaeology and excavations in the lands of the Celts I discovered a picture of the magnificent beaker, that is featured on the card image:
It is the famous beaker found in a grave in Dürnberg near Hallein in Austria.
It is an Etruscan art style.


schnabel kanne griff
It is bronze and the Handle shows a predator swallowing the head of a human.

I wonder if it was an enemy – or is is the monster of Death swallowing the high status male, whom the Celts had buried with these grave goods.

On the rim a Lioness is swallowing a Dragon

On the rim a Lioness is swallowing a Dragon


I an sure, the knowledge gleaned from this enigmatic find will influence my interpretation of this card in a reading.


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