The Gnomes of Earth

I am looking at a few more of the Tarocchi Celtici Cards:

Card 51 Pioppo Bianco: Eadha = White Poplar

Ace of Fall/ Earth51 Fall Gnomes

The White Poplar Tree is in the background of the image.

In the Ogham alphabet the Eadha is the Tree aligned with material things, every day life and all Earthy aspects. It is looked upon as being the provider for the sheer stamina it takes to get through our busy lives and not to forget that we are embodied Spirits.

Endurance, shielding our soul from every day realities and staying strong in the “Winds of Life” are its strengths. Aspen and Poplars “speak” in the Wind and so we are to listen and perceive the message coming through.

The Celts and their contemporaries used Poplar wood for shield making. Shields for war, but also the shields upon which you hoisted a victorious leader and carried him to the feast.

Doors too were made from Poplar, because Poplar wood does not bend out of shape, when it gets wet on one side and stays dry on the other.

In the image we see 3 Storks. Since this is a fall card, it is prudent to assume, that it is a breeding pair and their offspring from this year. They are now ready to take to the air on an arduous flight south – just to return in Spring.

A Gnom is shyly hiding his face behind a Poplar leave . He has assembled his work of the summer; a beautiful golden ring featuring a 2 headed Snake, several gold coins and several magnificently inlayd Celtic beads.

2 swords and a large spear are stuck in the ground. It is peaceful time, the time when one goes to the local Fall market, or local Fall fair, barters with other producers and exchanges some of one’s goods for whatever one may need to get through the Winter.

Maybe the whispering Poplars are the ones in charge of the gossip.

Another thin that happens on the Fall fair of course is one could look for a mate 🙂

3 Storks in the sky!?? In Spring Storks bring babies – did you know?

A nice golden ring??

Maybe this Gnome is out to whoo his bride?



Card 52  Betulla: Beth = Birch   52 Fall Gnomes

Oh! Now it is becoming clear, what the Snake ring was all about!

The Gnome got married to Mrs. Gnome and here they both are looking into the wooden cradle, where the future sleeps.

All tools and trinkets are put aside – this is family time.

The Birch Tree – blooming in spite of this being a Fall card, is dwarfed by a mighty Hart, protector of the realm and Guardian of prosperity and strength.

2 of Earth.

All is well.





2 thoughts on “The Gnomes of Earth

  1. Your research into this deck is beginning to make me, think I wouldn’t mind a copy of it for myself, & I ‘need’ another deck like a need a hole in the head, LOL.
    Being from Australia many of the plants/ creatures in it. are not that well known to me, as in… I cannot go into the bush & find them living down here. .
    Again , great research ,,.

    • Hi Jim 🙂
      I hope You get lucky on E-bay somehow. this one is out of print and because it is so beautiful, people keep it in their collections. I however have never seen someone actually working with it. Most people are frustrated,
      1)because they can not make out what the cards with such strange names are all about,
      2) because the cards are none RWS and numbered 1 to 78 with no further distinction other than the background colour to tell you what suits they are
      3) the Italian / Celtic Ogham names repeat themselves once in every suit and….. you name it….
      However, I am currently having fun with them! 🙂

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