Changing Times

Tarocchi Celtici 54 Fall Gnomes

Card 54 Frassino:Nion

– or rather Nuin, as the Ash Tree Ogham is called.

In this image the Ash Tree is dwarfed by the mighty stone bust of the warrior of Saint Chaptes, France.

This bust was found in a field near Nimes and the curvo-linear designs on his helmet are almost destroyed by plough shards. On his neck and chest very faint traces of small Horses are visible However, it was possible to make out traces of the red and black paint that he was coated with – in his time.

w 2.




Our image however shows us 2 other magnificent limestone carvings: On is the pedestal of another statue, the other is the penis shaped pillar of Pfalzfeld in Central Germany.

Pfalzfelder saeule

It is suspected, that this pillar once held human heads, since traces of blood and brain matter of different individuals have been found on it…


The image on our card shows us the tools used to create such master works – as well as its magical creator, a small Gnome. He sits astride the helmet of the warrior of Saint Chaptes, stone mason’s pick hammer in hand, an Ash leave on his hat, he is smiling at us – across time, space and cultures.

I would like to ask him about the meaning of the pictograph symbol we see high in the sky as well as on the stone bust.

So, how to read this image?

The Ash Tree is seen as the Tree of life in Northern Europe and Scandinavia. Ygdrasil was the Viking Tree of Live and wisdom.

What wisdom, once magnificent, scarrrrrry and powerful, was in the hearts and minds of the creators of these now treasured artifacts? The heads smashed on that pillar? What did they know? What could they tell us? What was not right with them, so they were sacrificed to the Gods – or seen as enemies?

The Culture came, flowered and disappeared, just to be nostalgicly revived in our days by people dedicating themselves to a Celtic reconstructional path.

Belief in Fairies, Gnomes and Water Nymphs? All pushed aside by newer religions and modern realism…

Just the Ash Tree – flowered and grew, died, but its seeds took root and grew, flowered, grew high and mighty, were chopped down, became period furniture…..

But still, Ash Trees are still here….

Pray, that the Emerald Ash Borer does not change that forever.

Emerald Ash Borer plague destroying ancient forests

Emerald Ash Borer plague destroying ancient forests


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