Spread of the Week with the Tarocchi Celtici:

Our “homework for the “Deck of the Month” group on Aeclectic Tarot was the following spread:

1. What inspires you
2. What challenges you
3. What doorway opens for you
4. What will you risk
5. What can you discover

So, here is my personal reading:


1. What inspires you?
XV Cerumno
Cernunos the Horned God in all his otherworldly glory just as he is depicted on the Gundestrup Cauldron. As soon as I saw the image, EVERYTHING I know about the ancient Celts rushed into my poor head and washed over me. He sure is its ambassador.
He and the culture that worshipped him surely inspire me, fills me with ahw and wonder. The christians have him pegged for the Devil and here too he is card XV of the deck. In my shamanic upbringing I learned, that horns and antlers when worn by a Medicine Person stand for “more than ordinary knowledge” = shamanic wisdom and a connection to the Spirits of the other realms. The shamans of my tribe wear antlers on their headdresses to point to this fact. With us, he would fit right in!
His Snake stands for transformation and I am remembering all my encounters with Snakes – in this ordinary world – and in the Otherworld, where more than once I danced with one, as it was the Miahanit of one of my Inde’ teachers. The skeleton of a Snake is lying on our family Altar right now. …..
….I could go on and on here…
Everything is connected!

2. What challenges you?
Oups!! I pulled Card 52 Betulla Beth = Birch Tree Ogham
= the Gnome family:
Mom and dad Gnome
cooooing to tiny little Gnomy in the wooden cradle…
And that is just it: Little kids challenge me. I feel awkward around them, I know how to work with and raise Animal infants and have done so often: Little baby Wolf, itzy bitzy baby Fox No problem… A box full of baby Raccoons!

Yaaaay! 01fuettern

4 month later they are all up in the wood pile, hissing and ready to tackle the wild that is their home….
But Human babies….???
I can hand tremble over them and find out, ifff they are sick and what is going on – but after that – forget it….
I run….

3. What doorway opens for you?
Stop!, NO, no further here!
VII Teutates sitting atop a square box cart, its wheel in the centre of the image. This is the boundary of his territory and I better skedaddle..
This is a static Chariot, if I ever saw one.
Nothing moving here….
His shield is not helping.
I will turn around and find another way….
This one is not it…..
No problem.
I can go anywhere else.

His helmet however, that opens the door to archaeology and the magnificent finds from the Celtic culture
The Crow? I can fly with her, to go see Morgana le Fay, whom I met in a vision a few years ago.
This is not the only way, just because you see it …
My inner Chariot does not need established track-ways – it can swim beneath, above and through anything and I enjoy the ride.

4. What will you risk:
Oh, Let’s see: XX Epona!
Well, with her and her Animal entourage I risk anything! No problem!
With a feisty Horse Goddess, her mighty Steed, a Lark, a Hawk and my Owl Miahanit I can risk jumping through the magical Hole in the Rock Stone ( Men-an-Tol, Cornwal) and go journey anywhere.

Men an Tol  Cornwal

I have risked a lot in my days: Risked to love again after a devastating loss, risked everything, up and left and changed continents and cultures, build a new life on a new continent in the middle of the wilderness. Risked to live openly pagan and teach about shamanism in spite of being poopooed by the catholics in town….. I risk being “open” = unprotected, so I can hand tremble and “see” into my patients and clients in order to find what is wrong and how it is fixable. I risk going to the MDs in town with what I find, being laughed at, pushed aside…. and then proven right, when finally they do a couple of X-rays on the patient….
– I risk writing about this stuff and booooooring you all to death with it….
Enough risk.
One always has to weigh risks versus not risking it, safety versus growth.
And risking something stupid is stupid!!
Risking taking the organic garbage out to our dump site after dark is stupid. I KNOW, the Bear is out there. I also know, she knows me and will not attack. But ifffff I stumble between her and her new cubs…..
THINK, before you risk……

5. What can you discover?
“Discover” means, that I did not know it before!
Discover means new
New means growth
Discover means learning
I pulled another friend of mine:
Cana Ngetal O Ebion Peith –
-Tongue twister name for a card 😉
The Queen of Reid and with her my “Guffo” =Owl in Italian. I discovered that
This is the very first card I drew at the beginning of the month.

What a discovery it was! How much I learned by just exposing myself to these 79 pieces of cardboard and the images they present. My Owl Miahanit is confidently sitting on top of a large vessel. The shy Queen still has not come out from behind the Reid.

The Frog speaks about change – of form and thought. The colourful bead however speaks of me having to get my act together and start making jewellery.

I could start with an Owl pendant, looking like the Owl on the card:

pen owl SCB
And a Rune pouch for an AT member. ….
Let’s see, what kinds of discoveries this day will bring
I am glad that I am working with this deck for another month and so the discoveries will continue


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