Shakespeare and me!??!! :)

I participate in the Aeclectic Tarot community group “Deck of the Month”, where each month – or 2 we take a good look at one of our new – or previously little used decks and give that one a good work-out.  I usually choose a deck  that is new to me and NOT reallllly my forte’,  that I want to get to know a bit better and that is teaching me something new.
Having said that, this month I want to pull out the Shakespeare Oracle by A. Bronwyn Llwewellin, which is actually a full fledged Tarot deck with the regular mayors and minors and courts….Shakespeare Oracle
I know NOTHING about Shakespeare and will have to learn all the characters introduced here.
OK:  A wealthy former client  – now good friend of me has invited us for 3 weeks to go to Nepal with her in October. 🙂

(read more about THAT trip here: )

….and the trip itinerary here:

But she alsoplanns to stop over in London and see at least one Shakespeare play on our way to Delhi and so I want to at least know a little before ending up in London 🙂

We will go to the old Vic Theatre and see “Much ado about nothing”
I found it VERY auspicious, that the Very first card I pulled from my new deck was/ is the Queen of Quills = Beatrice from that play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BUT there I also was confronted with the dilemma of the month:

= I have NO idea, who Beatrice is and what archetype this character portrays
Sure, there is a pretty queen on the card, but – that and reading the generic meaning is NOT, what this little exercise is all about and what I need to learn….
I spend Hours, trying to make sense of Beatrice by reading through the play… She has a barbed tongue, behind which she is used to hide her true feelings – Well – until she falls in loooove and…..
Iffff I have as much homework with each card of this deck i will be in even more trouble than Beatrice and all the other characters in that play that I might meet in this deck….


Here is a link to a detailed overview of this deck:


Much ado about nothing:



July and August are 2 very hectic months for me. We are setting up on Summer markets and craft shows to sell our jewellery and my shamanic artwork, clients come to the house for Tarot readings, for consultations and to work on personal issues, patients – many seriously ill come for a healing session – or I am asked to go to their homes – students come to spend time with me to deepen their insides and skills, I am asked to give teachings in public or private venues…..

With a full plate like this there just is no time left for any Tarot work/ explorations, often I barely have time to draw my card of the day….

So, when I decided, to do the following Tarot exercise, I quickly picked a card in the morning, took time out to go on the net and goooogle the character portrayed and then had to leave in order to set up our large show tent on the local craft show. …..


Tarot exercise:

Imagine, you are meeting the character of one of your cards:

I had drawn Sucellos, the card No XIII of the Tarocci Celtici.

Now, sure for me the number 13 is always linked to the Death card. But in this deck here – there is no Death card. ( and I miss that!!!!)

So Sucellos is “the hammer guy”!


From Wiki and other sites on the WWW:

In ancient Celtic religion, or Sucellos was the god of agriculture, forests and alcoholic drinks of the Gauls, also part of the Lusitanian mythology.

In Gaulish, -cellos is interpreted as ‘striker’. It is derived from Proto-Indo-European *-kel-do-s whence also come Latin per-cellere (‘striker’), Greek klao (‘to break’) and Lithuanian kálti (‘to hammer, to forge’). The prefix su- means ‘good’ or ‘well’ and is found in many Gaulish personal names. Sucellus is therefore widely glossed as ‘the good striker.’ The name is a systematically correspondingcognate of Early Irish sochell (‘kindness’) and Old Irish soichell (‘liberality, generosity, open-handedness’)

Sucellus may also have been thought of as a creator god, and is usually portrayed as a middle-aged bearded man, with a long-handled hammer, or perhaps a beer barrel suspended from a pole.

Here we see him with a rather modern looking hammer and what to me looks like a beer pitcher, with barley, hop and other beer making ingredients decorating it. He is accompanies by a hunting Dog and a winged Lion, that reminds me of the winged Lions of Venice, some sculptures from the 12th century.

 splendid, incomparable winged lion of St. Mark, the patron saint of Venice.

winged lion of St. Mark, the patron saint of Venice.

Well, as I was setting up the large show tent, hammer in hand in order to pound the anchoring spikes into the ground, sure, Sucellos and his hammer floated into my mind and I decided, to sing to him:

Chant to shamanic drum rhythm:

Ohm mahan oh mahan!

Calling to Sucellos!

God of the mighty hammer!

Come with your chimera!

Bring your mighty Dog!

Ohm mahan oh mahan!

Calling to Sucellos!

Come and help me with my tent!

Ohm mahan oh mahan!


Then the following, rather one- sided “conversation” ensued:

Hi Sucellos!

Nice of you to appear!

Oh woups! Careful with that hammer!

No! This is not some Roman war camp – this is a Craft show.

All these tents are the tents of artisans, setting up their wares.

No, this is 2013 and well, this is Barbaria indeed! It however is called Canada. Muskoka to be exact – because of the muskeg and all the Mosquitoes.

Yes, the ones, that are biting you right now are called Horse flies and they are so big, you can ride on them. They eat your Chimera alive within half an hour…

I called you here, so you can help me a little! With your Hammer!

Can you hammer these tall nails/ spikes into the steel feet of my tent, to secure it for the coming thunderstorm?

Yes, like this!


Careful, no sparks, the fire danger is high!

Oh and watch out for all the Earwigs falling down from that Pine Tree!

They crawl into the tiniest spaces – like into the tubing of your golden torque!

Oh! Thanks, that was fast! 🙂

I would have used up all my remaining energy to hammer the tent stakes down in this heat!

Fido!!! Stop that!! Leave that Coyote shield alone! I have to sell that!

Well, while you, your Dog and Chimy here are on this side of the Otherworld anyway, how about staying in the Tent over night – to watch it and keep my stuff save from robbers and marauding teenagers?

Yes, they are still up to no good, when they had too much to drink and break into tents at night….

Then, tomorrow, you and the Chimera could help watch out for pickpockets and shoplifters!

You guys would be a great attraction and an asset to my booth!

And for all the help I will invite you all to the Wabora restaurant on Sunday night.

Japanese Hibatchi with whirrrrling knifes!

You guys will like it and the food is great!


What happened next:

Friday was the day the show opened – to a VERY ominous forecast:

Hot, hazy, humid, thunderstorms with hail and damaging winds…..

Yes, exactly that! Tents were heaving and shaking in wind gusts up to 60 km/h and several other show tents ripped, flew of and the artesans involved had to deal with damaged artwork and financial loss. Some were holding onto their Tents, weighing them down with their own bodies, as flimsy tent pegs were not holding and aluminium poles were bending and breaking….

Well, I thought about Sucellos and his hammer helping me along and our tent, who’s nickname is “the Villa” held fast and was not moving an inch in the surrounding mayhem…..

But it got worse: the wind gusts increased and several of the large old Pine trees and Maples around the perimeter of the show grounds were creaking, cracking under the pressure and – coming down.

One of them crashed to the ground, exactly where last year our friend and fellow crafter Lynn would have been set up. By a quirk of faith this year there were no tents located on that spot.

Tree down

Another Tree smashed into a pottery booth….

But still it got worse: the tornado warning we had in the forecast was upgraded to a tornado watch. And the sky grew greenish grey and dark……

Now would have been a good time to close the show for the day. The radio was advising people to stay home and take precautions…

But the show convenor ignored all the warnings, and threatened people, that iffff crafters dare to close up, she would not allow them to come back for next year’s show…..

The show visitors left and there were only us vendors left.

Then all hell broke loose:

Storm rolling inIt got even darker,the wind picked up, stuffff was flying everywhere, and then the rains came down and drenched EVERYTHING. Several more tents collapsed under the pressure of water and rain….

We had buttoned down all rain flaps and prayed that the aged Pine Trees under which we were set up, would stay put…..

..and that our spikes would hold….

They did! Thank you, Sucellos!

Half an hour later the whole mess was over and the sun came out. A lot of crafters were standing between tattered tent parts and wet and or ruined artwork…..

The temperature dropped about 10degrees centigrade and everyone was coooold and wet…..

Our neighbouring town, Gravenhurst ,took a full hit and countless Trees crashed down upon houses, electricity lines and made roads and streets impassable.

It took the community more than a week to clean up and restore power….

The craft show?

We all had to wait around until the official closing time, 7.00pm  😦

Saturday and Sunday the weather was perfect, but we had fewer than normal attendance, because many people were staying home and dealing with the aftermath of the storm….

It was quite a labour, to get Sucellos’ spikes back out of the soaker wet ground…..

But I was glad and thankful! 🙂