Shakespeare and me!??!! :)

I participate in the Aeclectic Tarot community group “Deck of the Month”, where each month – or 2 we take a good look at one of our new – or previously little used decks and give that one a good work-out.  I usually choose a deck  that is new to me and NOT reallllly my forte’,  that I want to get to know a bit better and that is teaching me something new.
Having said that, this month I want to pull out the Shakespeare Oracle by A. Bronwyn Llwewellin, which is actually a full fledged Tarot deck with the regular mayors and minors and courts….Shakespeare Oracle
I know NOTHING about Shakespeare and will have to learn all the characters introduced here.
OK:  A wealthy former client  – now good friend of me has invited us for 3 weeks to go to Nepal with her in October. 🙂

(read more about THAT trip here: )

….and the trip itinerary here:

But she alsoplanns to stop over in London and see at least one Shakespeare play on our way to Delhi and so I want to at least know a little before ending up in London 🙂

We will go to the old Vic Theatre and see “Much ado about nothing”
I found it VERY auspicious, that the Very first card I pulled from my new deck was/ is the Queen of Quills = Beatrice from that play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BUT there I also was confronted with the dilemma of the month:

= I have NO idea, who Beatrice is and what archetype this character portrays
Sure, there is a pretty queen on the card, but – that and reading the generic meaning is NOT, what this little exercise is all about and what I need to learn….
I spend Hours, trying to make sense of Beatrice by reading through the play… She has a barbed tongue, behind which she is used to hide her true feelings – Well – until she falls in loooove and…..
Iffff I have as much homework with each card of this deck i will be in even more trouble than Beatrice and all the other characters in that play that I might meet in this deck….


Here is a link to a detailed overview of this deck:


Much ado about nothing:


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