New deck interview spread:

Shakespeare Oracle:

New Deck interview: Deck interview 2

1. What will you teach me?

VIII of Chalices:

The card background is royal blue and there are 6 golden brown goblets/ chalices depicted. A white band weaves between them. On it is written: ”The course of true love never did run smooth” A Shakespearean proverb from “A Midsummer Night’s dream” Well, I do not think, that there ever will be true love between me and this deck, but for right now Iet’s hope the deck will be a true, honest and fun teacher and that I will learn to love it for that.

2. What are your Strengths?

XIII Death – King Lear

On the image a eagerly chatting white dead head is leading away the grey bearded king, who obviously is thinking he can take with him on this journey the crown, sword and sceptre he is carrying.
King Lear is old and trusted his daughters to do right by him. Well they did not and in the end almost everyone in the play died a more or less gruesome death. The king sees, how naïve he was, but it is too late…. So: To me that is not realllly a strength!!
It is a rather dire warning.
I already recognize, that with this one I bit of waaaaay more than I can chew – or swallow= internalize. Learning about all the different characters presented in this deck, understanding the archetypes they portray and get a grasp on Shakespeare himself All in a few weeks? I an just as naïve as good old king Lear! BUT: I now have a n – if ever so sketchy idea, who king Lear is! That is a strengths!

3. What are your limits?
Lord of Sceptres = Richard Plantagenet

Whow! Here we are in the middle of the war of the Roses! Sitting astride his charger he is carrying a red Rose in his mouth and rides into doom and destruction…. “I would a better king than that stupid kid Henry VI! So let’s go and make war!!! “ Yes, right, get everybody killed, including your own son! Smart move – born out of hubris! Biiiig chip on your shoulder!  – 🙂  Seee, what I learned!!!!  🙂  But no hubris or chip on my shoulder! After reading through the synopsis of only a few plays, I realize, this is waaaaaay too big a task with a huuuuuge learning curve . That is the limitation I already recognize: This deck is fun for someone, that KNOWS Shakespeare well, not for a bloody beginner like me!

4. What will our relationship be like?

Queen of Sceptres = Katherine of Aragon

Crowed and sceptre in one hand, a Monkey in her other arm she sits beneath a garland of red Roses. King Henry VIII loved and respected her, she was his queen for 20 years, but in the end, he had to get rid of her, she could not bear him a male heir for his throne. The Monkey in the image points to her loneliness after being deposed and longing for companionship …. But she live out her life and was respected by all who knew her, friends and foes.

I am led to assume, that this is a well thought-out deck, dedicated and serious, respectable and also able to deliver a punch or 2. But in the end I will have to let it go – let is slip back into the obscurity of my back shelf.
Shakespeare and his world is fascinating and I should know a little about it, but is is not my world – the world of Nature, Trees, Medicine Plants, Animal Guides and Guardians, shamanism, trance journeys …..depicted on the cards of the Greenwood and the Ironwing…..
I will talk to Queen Katherine’s little Monkey about that  🙂


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