Shakespeare in a Goat shed

Shakespeare in a Goat shed

When it comes to studying my Deck of the Month and doing readings, his one probably tops the list of strange places in which to do that:

The Goat shed / stable on the Fair Grounds of Fenelon Falls, during the Kawartha Arts Festival.

Camping in the Goat shed

Yes, we were “at it” again, setting up on a craft show for yet another weekend of selling our artwork – in torrrrrrential rains with wind, heat and humidity.

the rain coming down like crazzzzzy

To escape the weather at least a little bit we decided to pitch our overnight tent underneath the metal roof of the stable. No sooner were we all set up than the cards came out, for an evening of study and doing the “New Deck Interview” spread you saw in the previous post.

M reading cards


4 thoughts on “Shakespeare in a Goat shed

  1. Love the photo in the goatshed… The one with you & the book on the table:
    “Shakespeare for Dummies”
    The works of Shakespeare have eluded me so far during my life.
    You sure are keen & devoted to take on learning about this one.
    My son did learn & did a lot of it at school in Drama in his last 2 yrs of High School, I really only learned a bit about it from your blogs, which did make me consider, I really should be a bit more open to things, Thanks for that Mi-Shell….whatever happens I hope you all enjoy the play.

  2. I am going through two audio courses on Shakespeare from The Great Courses. The first professor is great–learning lots about Mr. Shakey and his writing, the structures he uses.

    Here in Ontario we had to take one Shakespeare book per year in English (which you will remember Mi-Shell) and that has stayed with me, particularly Hamlet which I love, but I never liked the comedies. I wanted to know WHY people like Shakespeare, what am I missing?

    He reminds me a bit of James Joyce: great sentences and paragraphs, but when you put them into a story it’s less than perfect.

    • Well; I personally can not really say, that I love Shakespeare. I am from a completely different culture and felt, that I should learn a little about him and other English writers, to understand this main stream culture better….
      Through reading a little about MR S. I learned a lot about his day and age….
      Good luck with your studies…..

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