10 of Chalices good for Business?

My Card of the week for our business, Bearpaw Jewwellery: – drawn on the craft show in Fenelon Falls:

10 of Chalices:Aug 31

Saturday; Fenelon Falls show:

To me the card shows only 8 chalices; probably the missing 2 are hidden behind the white banner that says:

If music be the food of love,play on” This is a quote from “Twelfth Night”

This music will have to lead me for only the next 7 day, 3 of which will be selling our handmade artwork

Well, in Fenelon Falls there was music on the show grounds – via large speakers – it was, what many crafters classified as “sleepy time jazz” In any case, it did not help sales at all! Lots of people LOOOOOOOVD our handmade pieces, but they had no money to buy them….. Just my simple $20.00 stuff hopped of the tables….

Maybe I should have cheated today in the morning, when I picked my card….bugeyed

I should have grabbed the 10 of coins!

Well, maybe tomorrow…..

Sunday Fenelon Falls show:

Well, I slept safe and sound – regardless of the rain and the visiting Skunk – until it was high time to get ready for the show opening at 10.00.

We were busy! The weather was ideal: Sunny, but cold wind, so people did not feel like going out on the lakes with a boat – and so came to the show 🙂

We sold quite a few bigger pieces and got several large orders 🙂

we managed to pack everything away, before it started to drizzzzel just past 6.00pm.

So we were as happy as the 10 of Chalice meant to point out.

Wednesday; Gravenhurst Farmers Market:

Well, I did not feel like going: The weather forecast predicted that all 10 Chalices would fall over and we would get wet…..

Nonsense” said my hubby and decided to go anyway….. It is his social life and many of his friends are setting up, so it was more HIS 10 of Chalice, than mine…

And then- yes, they all fell over all right! It started pouring rain and we scrambled to get all the rain tarps up and the tables save and dry beneath.

But all was not lost either. A whole bus-load of ladies from the RED HAT Society had chosen this day for their group outing that included a visit to our market. And with their fancy headgear and nice outfits they all ended up as “rain refugees” in our tent….. 🙂fun_food

Yes, you guessed right!

They did, what ladies do in this situation: They shopped!!!

And they encouraged each other to shop some more and try on something else and in no time were out-doing each other and we were hopping in the rain like Frogs!

In the end we had the 10 of Chalice in the till and by the time we were packing up the sun was coming out again….

What a prediction….



2 thoughts on “10 of Chalices good for Business?

  1. Maybe music was the food of love… you played on, despite of the weather forecast.
    What a loving thing to do for your husband.
    … and the rain refugees… what a wonderful expression.

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