Greenwood Tarot reading for New Moon

New Moon Spread for the coming Moon cycle

1. the Strong point you will need to work with)?

The Seer!

seer copy

Oh well, of course! Travelling and working shamanicly in Nepal during this coming month, I will need all my shamanic senses: We will receive some basic teachings in Nepali shamanism and then work alongside the Nepali shaman on  clients coming for help. Since of course I do not speak a word of the different languages, I will need my shamanic medicine Gift of seeing and sensing what is wrong with a person and what help is needed. The cultural milieu and expectations are also very different and so I will need the help of my main Medicine Guardian, my Owl to tell me, what to do ns how to help.  interesting too the torch, the Seer is carrying – just thinking at the rolling “brown-outs for electricity in Kathmandu and surrounding areas……. I am glad, all my Guardians appear on this card in one form or another.

2. Which area of your life will it affect?

seven_stones copy

7 of Stones: Healing

Oh maaaan! I can pick them!

There she sits, in shamanic trance, surrounded by the stars of intuition and guided by the Ancestor Spirit and before her lies her charge, her patient. She has Huuuuuuge Antlers – symbol for “more than ordinary knowledge. May she come through, when I need her guidance.

3. How to nourish that on a daily basis?

nine_stones copy

9 of Stones: Tradition

There she sits- again.

This time in a circle of sacred Stones. Meditating, praying, quiet contemplation, giving thanks for Gifts received…

Being on a trip to Nepal this month, learning new things about a different culture, I will have to make sure, that there also will be time for “time out”.

Stilling the hustle and bustle of my surroundings – never mind, what is going on, retreating into my own Sacred centre to touch base with me, my guiding Spirits coming from the  ageless old tradition of shamanic healers in my family. I may better not miss to do just that on Full Moon coming. Full Moon is my time of honest reckoning with myself, honour the small successes I had, face up to the mistakes and shortcomings, reflect on what I learned and give thanks to my Ancestors and my teachers:)


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