Tarot of Trees:

This is going to be my “Deck of the Month”



I had always thought, that this would be a deck I would choose in Spring. But when I pulled it out last April, I was saddened and dismayed at all the barren dying Trees in the Swords arcana and- put it aside as too depressing for a season of new growth and rebirth. Now however I can deal with these images a bit better, because it is a better fit with what is right outside my window when I do my daily draws. This also is the season, when we make decisions, what Trees we need to fell – for firewood and also for safety reasons, so they do not crash onto our 1500 feet driveway or the house or parking lot and cars….

So, yes, some of our Trees will not wake up in Spring…..

And yes, it is painful to me, when we fell – kill a living Tree. When I place the offering at its trunk, it hurts and I cry, but – it all is part of life in the bush….

We do not log wantonly, take only trees, that are nearing the end of their life span anyway and then pull the logs out of the bush with our own strengths (or not) by loading them onto toboggans and pulling them to the road.

So… Tarot of Trees:

How will this deck work for someone like me, that so intimately works with Trees? Not only in a shamanic/ spiritual way, (see our Tree of Life decorated with charmas) but also planting Trees on our land, doing active conservation of the Tree and Plant/ Animal communities with which they live but also logging them, building timber structures like wood sheds and Tzartans with it and in the end even using their ashes for tanning hides or taking it out back to the land to temper our icy driveway…… 

The deck:

The cards are small and slick, high gloss and feel silky and new and ….wonderful 🙂

I looooove the card backs and could just play with them, shuffle them,, experience the shifting pattern the backs create and how they feel. This in itself is a meditative experience.

I always am a bit leery about Whimsical art and so am a bit torn by this deck. Where is the line between whimsy and “kitsch” for me……

Depending on my mood, that line is shifting, never static…..

It is interesting to see the cards, even the Mayors devoid of humans and the RWS concept depicted by something, that normally is still = none mobile and rooted.I am curious how my feeling to/ with this deck will develop over this month.


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