Taking a Stand:

Some of the card images really surprise me.

One of the first cards I pulled  as the “issue” main topic of my day was the 8 of Swords.


The card is held in reddish purple with highlights of yellow. In the centre is a tall tree trunk, rooted in red Earth. Around this trunk is wrapped a white bandanna/ charma. To the right and left of this tall Tree 4 purple and white Swords each are stuck into the ground.

I KNOW the RWS meaning of the 8 of Swords!!!!!

Very well!! So do you!

BUT: that is NOT, what i see in this image:

I see” Taking a Stand!”

The white bandanna / charma is a sign of peaceful protest white bandanna like this are wrapped around trees by protesters against logging companies that want to clear-cut stretches of forest.

Is this the last Tree standing? It certainly in this card is the only one standing and the reddish yellow background reminds me of a raging fire. The 8 swords flanking the Tree to me look like standing behind the issue that this last Tree is raising. They to me transmit resilience and defiance.

When you fell this last ambassador of the Tree nation…… You will have to fight down the swords that guard it.

After that battle?

Will there be no more trees – or  the infinity sign of the 8 and a new forest?

How will you act?


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