Broken Branches

My card of the day:

5 of Cups:



My first response is :

What a sad picture!

It immediately reminds me of the Typhoon ravaged Trees in the news clips about the Philipines these days.

And of course the immeasurable hardship the survivors, human and none human are suffering. through.

Looking a little more towards myself I also sense the sadness over all the losses that I have experienced in my life. And yes, also the loss of “my time”

I am in my 57th year- for another month and sooooo much life is already passed by… The broken branches speak of things I had to loose, prune, cut….. gifts and Blessings too – represented in the image by the Cups still in the grip of the broken of branches….

But after each storm , even the ones that severely prune a Tree, there is a new up-surge, new growth!

The 2 cups held high symbolize the continuation of life, they also make me think of Peter and me, still close and held up by strong love and a nurturing partnership.

Towards new Growth we raise our cups!



Oh! just as I am contemplating this, my card of the day….

my eyes are drawn outside my panoramic window and I witness first 1 Raven flying by….

then 2, … 3

then 4




7 Ravens

flying North

What does it mean?

What will come forth?

7 Ravens flee from the sun

A Murder of Ravens!?

A dark deed is done!



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