10 of Swords:

10 of Swords:   tenofswords_lg

It is over!

Yes, Mi-Shell, OVER!

Finished, done!

Move on!

Move beyond it!

Yes, but….”

No yes, but, no ifff, no wait a moment….

Over is over!

You may be having trouble wrapping your head around it, but that does not change the FACT: It is over. Dead, done…

It hurts….. !!!!!!!  😦

THAT is, what the blood on the card is about….

I am still mulllllllling about it,

How did this happen?

How could it have been prevented,

Iffff only…..

But the dead hollow trunk and the loooooong dead roots show me clearly, what deeo inside i had sensed, suspected for quite some time….

That this ending was inevitable. No accept it!

Get over it!

Get over yourself!!!!!

And MOVE ON!!!!


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