Bold Move!

Knight of Wands:    knightofwands_lg

A bold green Tree growing in the middle of the road!


How did THAT happen??

This does not look like an old road, long out of use, that is reclaimed by Mother Nature.

It looks more like a wooden board walk – through a swampy area, maybe an old lake bed. The landscape gently rises in the background, up into green hills.

The Tree’s Roots however are nit anchored into the roadway – nor are they connected to the surrounding lime green ?? meadow?? or whatever it is supposed to be.

This to me looks like an image out of one of my shamanic trance journeys.


As a Tarot card – as the knight of Wands, it works for me! 🙂

A bold brazen Tree, stepping out of its comfort zone.

But is is wise?

Will there be repercussions?

Will the repercussions of this bold move be more significant than the advantages?

With the Knights it is always the question.

Let the journey continue, so I can find out.



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