I am looking at he image of card 1= The Magician

A raspberry red Tree.

From it are hanging the attributes of the Magician: cup, sword, Pentacle and Wand.

All the Flowers below the Tree expectantly raise their yellow heads, as if ready for something to happen and I have to admit, I am ready too. But- the whole image feels static to me. No movement…..

To me the Magician is about movement, the ability to affect change, action….

Here I see – waiting…. for the act to …maybe… happen….. sometime……


With the VII the Chariot I have a sort of sinking feeling:Chariot

The Tree – like the Fool stands at a steep cliff and there is quite a storm brewing, making the leaves fly. The branches of the Tree are all blown in one direction – Soon this Tree, which is not anchored down into the Earth, will be blown of that cliff…

…But is that a good symbol for the Chariot?

Is that movement forward – in the right direction???

Is that fighting so as not to loose control or is this the Fool becoming the Tower ?

Is this the Tower about to topple?


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