Famous last Words:

I have exclusively used the Tarot of Trees for the last 2 months. Looking through the deck I an surprised to note, that there were a few cards, that never came up in readings or daily draws:

The Page of Wands

The Wheel of the Year

The World

and the 6 of Pentacles with the 3 Squirrels

Then there were the Queen of Swords,

the Queen of Pentacles

and the 8 of Pentacles, that showed up A LOT!!!!

So this morning I did a meditative “reading” with both these sets of cards……..

What does that tell me? -kind of thing…..

Then I have to name my favourite image of this deck: This award hands down goes to the Hierophant, a beautiful large Tee in its prime standing amid a natural landscape.


I also have a few candidates for the “sour lemon design” award, but the prize goes to the 6 of Cups.

This – ??sixofcups_lg

What is this anyway??

A stand that you hang your coats up on and that someone put outside on the lawn for the spring yard sale?

Now the thing is holding up 6 cups of dripping Strawberry ice cream???

You be the judge…….

What I loved about this deck was – shuffling it! : Small, slick – and these beautiful backs!

It was a treat to handle the deck every morning 🙂

However, my shuffle-mania also exposed the decks weakness: The black borders I soooo like are now showing white on the sides, some cards look more “scuffed” than others…..

If I want to preserve the deck for an occasional treat, it is time to put it into its little wooden vintage box and find a place for it among the other decks of my card library.








On the path of Change

Reading of change:

Tarot of Trees

What do I need to do: 8 of cups:eightofcups_lg

A Tree grows in a narrow canon. To reach the light it has to stretch higher and higher towards a waning Moon in the sky. The higher it gets, the more room it has for its branches to unfold.

I have to stretch myself and grow. Towards more light and intuitive wisdom.The plants at the bottom of the canon are blooming, which tells me that my Tree of growth is rooted in fertile ground.

The waning moon also tells me it is a time for letting go of restrictive views and behaviours.

The 8  cups are passively standing on rock terraces. It looks, as if my Tree will out-grow them, leave them behind. = moving on from where I was, taking the high road up.

What are my assets: 9 of pentacles:nineofpentacles_lg

A mighty Tree. Only its lower trunk and its root system are visible. A thin blanket of snow is on the ground.

9 pentacles are nestled within the roots.

9 of pentacles is the “rich lady card” in other decks. Financial security, prosperity and a comfortable life. Yes, I have all those things. But specifically concerning my question, this card tells me, that deep within the roots of my being I have all the tools and gifts required to make and effect a necessary change. These gifts will nurture me through it, when I use them well. This is the time of winter and so the time, when I actually HAVE time – for myself and for personal work.

Work on and within my own inner root system.


What are my weaknesses: 4 of Swords

A Tree in late fall has lost all its leaves. they will provide the mulch and then humus for futur growth in the seasons to come.

This Tree  has gone through several radical changes its trunk is bend and uses 4 swords in order to stand stable and not topple over. It looks rested and perfectly balanced…. but……

If the Swords fall, so does the Tree.

At some time this Tree took a beating, but for now it overcame it and kept growing. The 4 swords became its allies and helpers.

Yes, I am in the autumn of my life and I had to change directions several times. But it has not kept me from growing. I too have helpers, my Miahanits…

Yes, without them I am lost – just like this Tree. But these swords also stand for the mind.

4 different mental strengths are needed, to sustain me – like the Tree – through a long time of external dormancy – winter – until the next spring, when I have to grow and produce (new leaves) again.

To me these 4 powers of the mind are:

– Contemplation of what I have to and WANT to change

– Meditation

– Trance journeys to consult my Miahanits

– perseverance in/ for daily practice