Famous last Words:

I have exclusively used the Tarot of Trees for the last 2 months. Looking through the deck I an surprised to note, that there were a few cards, that never came up in readings or daily draws:

The Page of Wands

The Wheel of the Year

The World

and the 6 of Pentacles with the 3 Squirrels

Then there were the Queen of Swords,

the Queen of Pentacles

and the 8 of Pentacles, that showed up A LOT!!!!

So this morning I did a meditative “reading” with both these sets of cards……..

What does that tell me? -kind of thing…..

Then I have to name my favourite image of this deck: This award hands down goes to the Hierophant, a beautiful large Tee in its prime standing amid a natural landscape.


I also have a few candidates for the “sour lemon design” award, but the prize goes to the 6 of Cups.

This – ??sixofcups_lg

What is this anyway??

A stand that you hang your coats up on and that someone put outside on the lawn for the spring yard sale?

Now the thing is holding up 6 cups of dripping Strawberry ice cream???

You be the judge…….

What I loved about this deck was – shuffling it! : Small, slick – and these beautiful backs!

It was a treat to handle the deck every morning 🙂

However, my shuffle-mania also exposed the decks weakness: The black borders I soooo like are now showing white on the sides, some cards look more “scuffed” than others…..

If I want to preserve the deck for an occasional treat, it is time to put it into its little wooden vintage box and find a place for it among the other decks of my card library.








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