Almost dead – according to my new deck !??

My Deck for January 2014 will be the Healing Tarot , which I received as my Birthday/ Winter Solstice gift.
So far I have looked at all the cards in detail:
The mayors on January 1.
Swords on January 2nd 
the Cups yesterday 
and the Wands Pentacles today.
The deck is largely RWS based and the art is black line drawing on white background with large borders. 
I am not a big fan of blacl and white decks 
Some of the images are plain weird, some I am taken aback by. What is going on in them?
The book is very detailed , but does not explain the imagery and the artist’s thoughts and intentions.

Ifffff I were to read “by the book” – I would be dead by tomorrow – due to a variety of nasty diseases and full of an assembly of different cancers. 
It WORRRRRRIES ME to think, that there may be people without a medical degree or background who are relating these meanings to their clients…. 

Healing Tarot


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