What?? Rob Ford – again???Rob-Ford

The now infamously famous mayor of Toronto, that, according to his own words, smoked crack cocaine in a drunken stupor??!!??This is the 3rd time this month that I pulled him

= the 9 of Cups that is…..

9 of Cups


I get it!

I get the message:

Live a little, have a little fun….

Fun is good, but any type of booze gives me a nasty migraine, as does cheap chocolate and the cheese, that I would love to have with the wine….

So I have other things to “indulge” myself with:

Books for example, lots of nice books 🙂

And a cup of herbal tea, a delicious home baked cookie or 2 or 3 or….

Sitting in my rocking chair in the afternoon sun, watching the Birds go to and from the feeder and watching the snow glisten on top of the frozen creek…..

9 of Cups afternoon!

Rob Ford, stay sober today or you and Justin Bieber are going to be in the news again tonight.


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