A’HA Oracle

On the Aeclectic Tarot forum we have a Chat thread, where everyone posts a little something once a day and at the end of the month Solandia, the owner of the site draws 2 post numbers from the entries made and whoever wrote that post wins a little something = a Tarot or Oracle related prize, offered up by members of the forum. There are quite a few gifted deck creators among the membership and some of them offer up one of their deck as a little promotion.

I guess, you are sensing, why I am sharing this right now – and you are right:

In January I won!!!!

I was permitted to chose from several of the prizes offered.

One of them was the Healing Tarot, about which I wrote a few impressions on this blog. Then there were hand sown Tarot bags offered up, the mayors only Blue Moon Tarot by Julie Cuccia-Watts,the Australian Wildflower deck and talisman pack, by Cheralyn and a few other treasures.

I however chose the A’HA Oracle created by Linnie.

deck (1)

It took 3 weeks for it to arrive from Australia and so was just about in time to become my deck of the month for February 🙂

Now, it is quite difficult for me to write anything about the deck here on the blog – because the creator is one of my trusted readers here 🙂

Hi Linnie!

I also consider Linnie a friend.

So I was doubly curious to lay hands on her creation.

It arrived in a beautiful sturdy box held in earth tones. The card stock also is sturdy and durable.

Now, I need to tell you, that the A’HA Oracle is largely black and white, circular images on black card stoc and I know, I am “not very good” with B/W decks.

– Last month’s Healing Tarot was a B/W deck as well and I did not bond with it at all = which however is largely due to the medical attributions given to the cards in a rather arbitrary way. One just can not flip over a couple of cards and tell a person – you have bad teeth, lung cancer and you weigh toooo much…… 😦

Well, back to A’HA:

I have to honestly say, the first 4 cards I looked at left me a little sad and depressed:

too similar to remember

 Maybe that was, because I was quite sick with the flue at that time and I needed something more cheerful?The coresponding notes in the booklet however were sweet and uplifting 🙂

Other cards I looked at – made me immediately think: Oh, what ifffff this was in colour!??

Yes, I enjoyed reading the little paragraphs of the book more than the B/W images.

So, what if they wear some colour? Will this insult toe creator, my friend? Can I even risk it to tell you -and her here, that I am messing with her cards? I have to risk that! I think, that THAT is my personal process with A’HA.

So for the next 2 weeks I picked a daily card, read about it and then decided, if I would colour it in.

DSCN3343 sm

Colours are sooooooo important to me! THAT is one thing, I learned through A’HA so far 🙂

Yes!! I have other B?W – or largely B?W decks and – I coloured – painted them:

My beloved Ironwing!

My Wild Unknown Tarot!

I feel, my need for colour in divination cards comes from the fact, that I “see” all these more than realistic ueber-vivid colours in Theta trance journeys and that the colours each have a specific meaning in/ for the context of the journey.

Now, A’HA is changing colour……


Will I paint the whole deck?


There are a few cards, that teach me something – in just their B/W dress.

I will write more about at least one of them…..







2 thoughts on “A’HA Oracle

  1. Hello in there, dear Mi-Shell 🙂

    Firstly, thank you for giving A’HA a moment’s airplay 🙂

    I’m glad that some of the cards share their story with you even in their B&W form.

    You know, we are all individuals, yes, and, since this deck’s creation, I’ve had many people I’ve never met before, as well as best friends, offer their opinion on this deck. Some like the black and white artwork but would prefer it on a gold background, others want it coloured in, as you do, and still others see it as perfect just as it is… (I’m one of the latter, simply because I have presented it to the world as Spirit gave it to me, and that sits happily with me. :-))

    I don’t think Spirit intended for this deck to be prescriptive in any way. I personally felt the need to honour Spirit’s gift by staying true to how the images manifested through me, but I don’t feel any sense of sorrow at the idea of people colouring in cards, if that creates a deck that speaks more clearly to them 🙂 A’HA was created to bring joy and to open people to ideas, so open is good! 🙂

    Part of why I love the B&W images is the idea behind the art style itself. Dr Judith Cornell wrote a book titled “Mandala: Luminous Symbols for Healing” and another, “Drawing the Light from Within”. For me, the luminosity that Dr Cornell spoke of displays more clearly, more radiantly, when allowed to shine out as brilliant white in contrast to its midnight background. The Sacred Tree that you coloured in, Mi-Shell, does look like a pine tree, all coloured in like that, but I can feel a greater familiarity with the beautiful Pine Tree that my heart modelled that image on when it shines out as radiant white light, as that is how I view/feel Source energy, I guess.

    All the way through A’HA’s guidebook, and the cards themselves, is the urging to people to use this deck as best suits you…. To come up with your own interpretation of the cards, to use whichever layouts feel right to you, to leave the cards B&W, or colour them in to your personal preference… simply to enjoy using them…

    So… many Blessings to you, friend… enjoy!!! 🙂

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