What I “see”

l and k pic

This is, what it looks like!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When on a trance journey I am shown the inside of the body of my patient and ….. there among the fine folds of the bowl wall the cancer cells are hiding and ……

What a luck, this card is black and white….

Iffff these cells would have been showing up as blue, I would have puked up my breakfast……

Kidney are still clean, liver too, but among and between the blood vessels of the bowl, the mesenteric arteries, that is where doom lurks……

That is, what “inoperable” looks like…..

I had to put this card down –


Remember to breath….”

liver and kidney

When then I read the notes in the booklet, the word Chaos very aptly describes, what I “see” and feel, when being confronted with this image – on this card – or during a trance journey.

CHAOS is also, what will befall the client and the family. Al long sad road into the darkness of death……

Remember to breath….. “ advice for me, who may have to delier the message…. and provide guidance into and ultimately through this dark tunnel…..

remember to breath” also advice for the client and loved ones, in order not be swallowed by the CHAOS and centre enough to saviour the islets of love and joy and family in the right now …..of the time left….

the notes talk abut an Octopus. I see, where that might come in, but for me the head and eyes of this magnificent and vastly intelligent creature are missing…..

Octopus to me is “brains” and “smarts” – a kind of intelligence that is sooooo very different from that of a human.

Octopus is also the strange sadness, that grips me when i call to mind, that such a magnificent creature with THAT intelligence only lives for 3 years…… On this side f the veil…..

Onion is mentioned as well. Onion is the bringer of layers of tears…..

Layers of truth as well,

layers of love,

layers of feelings,

layers of how things are revealed


what is in the centre?

What is in the centre of all my layers?

What is in the centre of your layers?


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