Benefit for Hospice :)

We were invited to participate in a benefit event for Hospice Muskoka.

Peter bought table spaces in order to set up and sell our handcrafted  jewellery and

 I set up my Tarot table to give readings.

Peter is making jewellery, but can you find me on this picture?

Peter is making jewellery, but can you find me on this picture?

While Peter sold a few nice things, I ws VERY busy, doing one reading after the other, having to cut time short to 10 to 15  minutes each.

The event was 4 hours long. I had set up a “sign up sheet” and in no time there were 26 names on it, but I only managed to get to 18 of them 😦

The others will have to wait til next time or come to the house….

At 5.00 pm, I was ready for a good cup of tea to sooth my aching vocal cords……


… and the Moon card in this situation points to…….


….. of Hares and Healing……





Looking at the image:

Oh, I should have got one!!

A really nice set, dorje and bell, finely cast bronze, adorned with intricate and meaningful designs…

BritishMuseum AN00250258_001_l

In Kathmandu…. they had them everywhere, in the countless street vendor stalls around the temples and in the gift shops of the touristy Thamel district.

Buddhists use them in prayer:

 Bells & Dorje

  • The Bell symbolizes feminine principle, the wisdom of emptiness.
  • The Dorje/Vajra, symbolizes the masculine principle (mind which is compassion). Compassion is expressed through skillful means.

Union of two principles brings about enlightened mind.


  •  bells clear mind from clouds of negative thoughts, creating calmness causing relaxation and a peaceful feeling.
  • Sacred sound has the unique ability to heal the divisions, while clearing away mental chatter.

Method of Use:

Bells and Dorje are easy to use.

  • Hold  Dorje gently in a vertical position in the right hand, close to the heart
  • Hold the  Bell in the left hand.
  • Strike them against each other, twice or thrice
  • Pause for 30 seconds while they resonate.
  • Do this to open and close meditation, yoga or study session.

When played,  Bells and Tingshas produce deep relaxation, quiet the nerves and for stress management.

Traditional Value

Traditionally these are used by many spiritual traditions throughout the East. Bells represents wisdom and the feminine aspect of the divine while the dorje represents the creative and forceful male energy. During ceremonies and rituals the bell is held in the left hand while the stick is in your right hand. As the sound of the bell resonates the bell and stick balance the negative with the positive to harmonize ones life and surroundings.


In our shamanic group everyone bought at least one set – everyone but me.

I am not a “spiritual shopper”

I am not a Buddhist and am not planning to ever pray with them like oa Buddhist or Tantrika either.

THAT’S why I did not get one – back in Nepal…….

Then why do I NOW feel I should have?

I read a lot

I understand a lot more now, about Buddhist worship, about Bön, about the Spirit, that manifests here, in my trance journeys and wishes me to follow him……

He has a gabrummmmsudle of spiritual weapons in his countless hands, a bell and a dorje among them…..

… the only ones I actually recognize……

But I am firmly anchored in the shamanic ways of my Sibrian ancestors and my animal Spirits……

I HAVE a brass bell, from my sister.

Its shape is “different” It is old, tarnished. It was with her samovar, her smudging censor and charcoal….. She used it in worship.

Like my Ada.

He had a large staff with a large bell on it – and blue and white silk streamers and Magpie feathers…..

He shamanized with that.

That and Vodka, Milk and Tea…

And Artish, for “smudging” Juniper twigs and ground Juniper berries, cedar twigs and herbs according to need…..

I wish I also had Ada’s bell….

Painting the card….

…..the red and blue hearts are for him and for Mausi!




Memories from a Petri Dish

Looking at this image, what do YOU see?

What do I see?

Yes, it reminds me of Nursing School, epidemiology lab, Petri dishes filled with – the pictures germs paint on aga, the nurture substance in the dish.

burstin forth

Life bursting forth!

Will it be good ? – or devastating?

The big bang in miniature form…….

….but able to conquer the world – fast…..

our Beginnings……


3 of time

Cells becoming,

mitosis, = ripe cells loosing their roundish form, becoming hour glass shaped – just before they divide themselves into 2…….



past, present future…..

Is that a Being in the lower part of the hour Glass?

Thoughts rising up from the spiralling brain?

Thoughts expanding into the space above, illuminated by stars…..

3 sister cells, very much alive, fulfilling their life cycle,

synchronized by the magic of life

But each separated and isolated by the cell’s dividing membrane……

Becoming … me, you and – ??

or 3 of me?

3 of you?

Animal, Human, Plant,

? Where are the others?


How are Spirits “born”

How do they come into Being?