Memories from a Petri Dish

Looking at this image, what do YOU see?

What do I see?

Yes, it reminds me of Nursing School, epidemiology lab, Petri dishes filled with – the pictures germs paint on aga, the nurture substance in the dish.

burstin forth

Life bursting forth!

Will it be good ? – or devastating?

The big bang in miniature form…….

….but able to conquer the world – fast…..

our Beginnings……


3 of time

Cells becoming,

mitosis, = ripe cells loosing their roundish form, becoming hour glass shaped – just before they divide themselves into 2…….



past, present future…..

Is that a Being in the lower part of the hour Glass?

Thoughts rising up from the spiralling brain?

Thoughts expanding into the space above, illuminated by stars…..

3 sister cells, very much alive, fulfilling their life cycle,

synchronized by the magic of life

But each separated and isolated by the cell’s dividing membrane……

Becoming … me, you and – ??

or 3 of me?

3 of you?

Animal, Human, Plant,

? Where are the others?


How are Spirits “born”

How do they come into Being?


3 thoughts on “Memories from a Petri Dish

  1. Hello in there, dear Mi-Shell 🙂

    It’s really interesting to see both the similarities and the divergence in our reading of the A’HA cards… I like that you read things a little differently, sometimes quite a bit differently, but it still manages to reflect what I was given as the essence of the card… 🙂

    I meant to comment on the previous card’s post, Chaos… Obviously, you had other information coming to you through your connection with that client of yours, and i simply read the cards as stand alone information when they manifested, but it was interesting to note that you still read it as that quite scary scenario, whereas to me, the card itself was pointing to such a scenario should the reader’s client not put some time aside for their soul nurture… interesting indeed 🙂

    Many Blessings to you 🙂

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