Roots of Asia Tarot

Roots of Asia Tarot

This deck will be my deck to explore over the summer month.

At first glance the images remind me of the Haindle Tarot.

I wonder, why that is….

Roots of Asia



This deck is inspired by Buddhism and the images show subjects in accordance with that. Images of the Buddha meditating, of Buddhist practitioners, stylized Lotus Flowers, Tigers, Lions, Garudas…..


In preparation for my travels to Nepal last fall I had read a lot about Buddhism which, like its predecessor, Hinduism has its roots in the Veda.

The experiences in Nepal, the teachings of several Nepali shamans from different tribes that we received there, and most importantly the Tibetan Spirit, that appeared to me and that since then has transmitted quite profound teachings all have touched me on a very deep and profound level. (Read more about all that on my other blog, Shamanic Drum:   and on to present….)


I am still reading and studying Nepali shamanism with the help of my teacher from Kathmandu and with several books other western students published while studying with him and colleagues of him.

Now I finally have a deck, who’s images complement that worldview and that I can use it for my daily draws.


At first look I find many images enigmatic, dream -like, serene, meditative.

However, what intrigues me most is the LWB that goes with the deck!

The cards are all described NOT with the standard RWS descriptions, but with Buddhist teachings and are referring to aspects of Buddhist practice!

I will have to “start from scratch” and immerse myself into these images and the interpretations that go with them.

It will be an exiting journey!

Here are some more images from the net:





2 thoughts on “Roots of Asia Tarot

  1. I had never heard of this deck until reading your blog here. It seems an interesting deck, I went searching for more images on the net & found some, then I found some for sale through Amazon. OOP & out of my price range at the moment (that may be a long moment .lol )
    It will be interesting to see how you find them as a deck focused on Buddhism.
    I have read a few reviews that were quite positive.
    Hope to hear more about this deck from you.

    • Hi Jim!
      Yes, I like this deck A LOT!!
      Tarot wise, I feel, I am entering a paradigm shift . I will write about that – when i find a way to put it into words. … incorporating the Buddhist viewpoint taught here into the way I read with this deck – and then with all my decks – as an extra angle on the card meanings…..
      Do you speak German?? You could get a deck from amazon .de for Euro 8…something….. plus the bloooooody shipping…. LWB’s for the deck in English may be found easer than the deck….
      Ifffff I REALLLLLY get into it, I may give rough translations for the cards, where they very much differ from RWS. The imagery is close to RWS… So you could figure it out…..

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