The Nose


The Ace of Swords of the Roots of Asia Tarot:

 Ace of Swords

What do I see in this image:

A rather futuristic Bird Spirit consisting of a prominent nose,and a sword, that winds and curves like a Snake.

Follow your nose!

The breath we take

Breathe out. Air that for a short time was a life giving part of us now rushes out in streams of particles, that rise up and out like winged waves.

The fine line- between breath out and breath in.

The breath that we suck into ourselves will partly be what we just breathed out – to be processed all over again, the familiar. The other part however will contain everything that ever was: The fart of an old Tiger in Borneo, the rumble in the belly of a Mammoth 13 000 years ago, the killing gasses from the death chambers of the holocaust….

It is all still there. It never disappeared, just dissipated.

It makes up the Earth’s atmosphere – and so the cosmos.

How often did we breath it in? How did it nourish / form us into who we are?

It will go up the nose into our lungs and so our body, will pass by our olfactory senses and soon reach our brain, will be processed there and will shape our thoughts, our reactions and so the future of this very cosmos.

The strangely shaped snaking sword reminds me of the cutting edge of having to wind and sort through all this incoming information and decide, what is relevant, what needs an action/ reaction on our part and what is to be filed away for further reference.

The tip of the sword points to a small glowing ball = the crystallized essence of that one breath.

It very well may link up with other such balls of essence and form, what we call instinct – or, when it reaches the conscious mind, wisdom.


In terms of Buddhism – as I see it with my limited understanding:


In meditation breath is everything.

Follow your breath – deep inside you.

What you will find there is a part of Everything that is and ever was.







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