Interviewing the Roots of Asia Tarot:


New deck interview reading:

Card 1:

Introduce yourself to me please:

Page of cups:

Looking at the image I feel, as if stepping rather fool-like into uncharted territory. Riding a Fish-Horse Bird of an emotionality charged watery fluid cliff. Nothing relay to hold onto, other than a cracked bowl. Riding like this beneath the sea, can I loose the fluid in that bowl – or is the jist of the exercise, to blend 2 different fluid substances? As in my shamanic tribal belief and the Buddhist teachings that govern this deck?I hope the nautilus-like headdress the knight is wearing indicates, that this is more a journey of the mind than of feelings.




amnart_klanprachar31Card 2:

What are the strengths of this deck?

6 of coins

The head of a giant Elephant Jungle Spirit looms over several

of his mammalian pachyderm disciples. Her huuuuge pointy green tit prominent and at the ready for ample feeding. Food for thought, food for growth, Food to rarefy emotions

Dharma, if I dare go deeper.

The 6 cups somehow remind me of Avocados, their central stone exposed. Put it into moist Earth and it will sprout!

The young plants are already visible. In the image, in my mind,

on these pages and therefore – in your mind as well……

Spiritual abundance…….


Card 3:

What are the deck’s drawbacks/ weaknesses?amnart_klanprachar70

6 of Staffs:

The Spirit Being – part Lion, part Tiger, part human – with a light in its hand loooooooks at me:

Now, that you saw the total logic of Buddhism – The 3 jewels, the 4 fold Truth and all the other teachings you logically HAVE to start following the Dharma (= the teachings of the Buddha and other learned Buddhist scholars) and join the Shanga!!!!(Shanga = the community of practising Buddhists)


6 of staffs stands for moving ahead, right!?

I an going to sit down and have a conversation with him

Did you know, that in Buddhist teaching and so for followers of the Dharma Animals are seen as “lowlier” Beings, less worthy, more flawed, beneath humans?????

how do you, as an animal Being feel about that?

To me and to my Miahanits = Animal Spirit Guides THAT is a DEAL-BREAKER!!!

I see every Being on this Earth as an equal. Nobody is more spiritual advanced, least of all humans, hampered by there pesky ego……


He looks at me – hesitant – he did not know that! Being a spirit Being maybe he should ask all the Lions and Tigers suffering under human encroachment….

Humans supposedly go through thousands of incarnations. And iffff you “mess up” in any way, you will be “demoted to be an Animal next time – or maybe even a hungry Ghost!


Can an animal mess up and be demoted to Hungry Ghost next time around???

who decides that????

That Being should go see a shaman like me about that!!!!!

The LWB says, we will only realllly understand the Teachings, when we reached Buddha hood!???

How can I – or anyone reach such a state, while not regarding all Beings everywhere in every realm as equals?

The Spirit Being in this card is regarded as more advanced than a human, but ifffff he “messes up with me- or you, or … he too can be demoted – to human, critter or hungry ghost or…..?????

Drawbacks of a belief system…….

Card 4:

How will I work with this deck?

5 of Staffs!amnart_klanprachar61

Creative struggggle!! See above!

It has already started.

I could use and treat this deck just like any other Tarot deck Read it intuitively or RWS style or a little bit of both…. just like “normal…

I feel, that is, what the hand stands for. My knowledge and expertise (or not) with Tarot The hands of an elderly person, not a Spring Chicken = experience…

But that is not, why I bought it. I wanted to expose myself to the Buddhist teachings, that gave rise to these images and that are alluded to in the LWB.

I wish I had the full version of the text, to be had as a re-print in Thailand – in Thai language

and writing……

Through the hands manifests the face of the Tigress – my Grandmothers.

My Siberian tribal teachings, Ulali Kham,that inform every step of my life and my love of Tarot, a transgenerational gift from my other Gran, Elizza.

These 2 Tigresses uniting and having to get along with the image of the Tigress in Buddhist teaching and as a symbol used by the creator o this deck.


amnart_klanprachar74Card 5:

Pitfalls along the road:

4 of Staffs.

2 Leopards kissing in the Lotus jungle!

So very seductive!

But Leopards to me will always have the Trickster teacher quality of Ee’ren Omsür, our Snow Leopard tribal Guardian. And while right across from them the Lion Tiger Spirit still looks on I am reminded yet all over again, of the Deal breakers.

For right now however, all is good. I will not “fall for Buddhism – I am just learning about it, broadening my horizon.

So the 4 of Staffs is a sign for “all quiet on the home front”!


3 glimpses into the future:


– The Magician with his/ her mind wide open gazing at golden wisdom:

Use all the Tools you have – and make magic!

– The Queen of Swords:amnart_klanprachar2

Be clear of existing obstacles and pitfalls and rise above them. Keep a clear and compassionate mind. I am delighted by all the Birds on the image, The small delicate Tree of life and all it means to me and most of all the Owl in the right corner of the card. My main Miahanit and all that signifies to me. I have a warm loving feeling. 🙂

-4 of Swords –amnart_klanprachar46

Resting within the cradle of the wings of mighty Garuda/ Khyung !

What a journey it all will be!










3 thoughts on “Interviewing the Roots of Asia Tarot:

  1. This part put me off a bit, though I am not too sure if it is the way of all Buddhists:
    “Did you know, that in Buddhist teaching and so for followers of the Dharma Animals are seen as “lowlier” Beings, less worthy, more flawed, beneath humans?????”

    how do you, as an animal Being feel about that? ”

    I have to say it makes me feel like I want nothing to do with that type of a belief system as it goes against everything I believe in.

    • Hi Jim!
      – and EVERYONE! 🙂
      Yes, for me it is a “deal breaker as well. Although I must say, maybe before I turn away, I will investigate the matter a bit deeper. Buddhist goals of behaviour towards everything seems to be “compassionate equanimity” On the other hand, right now I am trying to wrap my brain around their concept of “nothingness” = Nothing is real and so, Animals and the Natural world is also not real…..
      We both better ask an expert about that one, my dear “unreal friend” ♥
      I am currently reading, what the Dalai Lama has to say about that one….
      And what my Medicine Animals ans Ancestors have to say about these teachings …. they are NOT impressed…..

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