3 Cards for the Day:


The last few days before the Summer Solstice I was quite busy with the School’s Native studies program, teaching and explaining about the different local Native cultures – Mohawk and Anishinaabe – in preparation of National Aboriginal Day celebrations held here in the community on the day of the Summer Solstice.


So yesterday, when picking my cards for the day I did not much feel like using my study deck of this summer, the Roots of Asia, but rather felt I needed images, that support my current focus a bit closer. Sitting at my reading table my eyes fell onto the beautiful pouch that house my Shamanic Oracle and I pulled it out.

Shaman Oracle poch

I decided to draw 3 cards:

One card for me, for the day

The 2nd card was for L. She is a member of the local drum circle who, I have reason to suspect, has urgent and rather nasty health problems to overcome 

The 3. card I drew was for the community at large.


The first card for me, turned out to be The Medicine Wheel!

How very appropriate for my activities that day!

There is still a lot of un-ease between the First Nations communities and the mainly Caucasian / Western immigrant population here. Most of it stems from not knowing each other’s cultures, and the horrible atrocities committed against the First Nations People – some back in history, others quite recently. There also is a lot of guilt – riding the necks of third and fourth generation immigrant families and there is the ongoing problem with the multitude of christian churches undermining the re- upsurge of Native culture, traditions and the re-introduction of Native spiritual practices into daily life.

Recent “New Age “ practices talking of “all Indians have a medicine wheel and it looks like this and that” – – all being totally false have not helped either……

What however helps, is bringing the REAL Teachings to the children in schools and into the community. Sorting the whole mess apart and explaining what is what, what is a tradition teaching from which tribe, what are overarching pan Indian Movement teachings and what is plain and pure New Age crapppp…….

Starting with teaching the teachers…… That and giving the kids a basic idea was, what my day was all about.


The next card, the card for L.

I drew the warrior!

That is a good card for her!

The other day while drumming at the “Grandmother drum I had gone into trance and all of a sudden saw L. Right across from me -But on her shoulders, riding her sat a humongous horrrrid Albi = illness spirit!

It was all white bloodless skin over skeletal bones, blood-red and black eyes and a mouth dripping black gue onto her while loooooong skeletal fingers with looooong, claw-like red and black nails, dripping red life blood with which this beast clawed at L’s chest.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then something happened – I do not know, what – someone tried to walk by me and somehow touched me and, shaking like an epileptic having a seizure, I fell right over onto the floor, while that nasty spirit still clutched L and grinned at me…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????

It took me 10 minutes to get myself together again……

In retrospect, I KNOW, I saw the spirit of breast cancer gripping her and was – and am still shaken.

Tell her???? Not tell her?????

I sensed, she felt “down and worried” – so I think / sense, she just got the news – or suspects – or….. I will see… L. was not approachable then and there and I first had to “sort out myself” and make sense of just what I had seen. This was not “asked for”, like, when I drum over a client and am supposed to “see” something…..

These situations are tough……

The Warrior and his strengths is, what she will need in the days to come……


The card for the community was “Deer Dance”

I felt, it is pointing towards celebration and getting together to honour the First Nations cultures and also giving thanks to the Animals, Deer being the “Leader of the Animals” for the Mohawk People….

Other First Nations see Deer as a sensual being and also as a sign to achieve goals in a none aggressive manner.

Deer Dances are held during many First Nations celebrations. I felt, that this card is a good symbol expressing the deeper meaning and intentions behind the upcoming National aboriginal Day Celebrations on the Summer Solstice.

Shaman oracle book








2 thoughts on “3 Cards for the Day:

  1. I love this deck… I just gave many decks away, but this was one I kept. The imagery is amazing, powerful, relevant… 🙂

    I’ve been, this very moment, to an early morning breakfast that was really a gathering of many who blockaded a property recently for months, to stop a mining company sinking wells. Indigenous and non-indigenous became one family during this time, and the intimate bonds remain … I love Deer Dance, deer being important to me.

    Once again, I wish I was closer to hear you share, to learn more… xxxxxxx

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