Bird headed:


2 of Swords:

@ of Swords

A head in blue and gold = Truth and value.

The elaborate arrangement of Birds makes me feel like I am looking at a female = intuition and introspection

One sword rises up from the nose into the centre of the Bird headed world of mind and thoughts. The different Birds are different thoughts and bits of information, maybe also represent personal experiences. Each one forming the personality and her actions and reactions.

What are these birds squabbling about, looking in opposite direction tipping me of to opposing viewpoints of the situation at hand.

Which one of the Birds will dominate and so direct her response?

The other sword goes at a right angle across between the nose and the mouth. The dividing line between thoughts and words born by the thoughts and feelings born in the midst of all these Bird personalities.

Will she censor the thoughts swooping forth?

Is she fully aware of the power of the thought spoken out loud?

Will she filter the thoughts through the Dharma, the Buddhist teaching she received?

Is she sooo deeply immersed into Buddhist studies and life ways, that she can only react according to its teachings?

Will she hold in her words?

Or will she speak with detached kindness and let her words birth calm, wisdom and so foster growth and inner strengths in those, who listen.

When she listens to herself – what will she hear?

When she listens to her thoughts, what will she hear?



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