Headless Pain?


Roots of Asia Tarot 3 of Swords:



3 of Swords



What IS this thing on the card????

A headless monstrosity made up out of feet planted on the ground, arms,that connect to a winding Bird and Snake monster with giant wings.
Wings made out of storm clouds in the sky…. Ominous of trouble…….

There is no head – that I can see…
THAT should tell me something!
This Being is all instinct, gut, past experiences and hurt – coming from the 3 piercing swords. His/ her/ its feet are still grounded on this Earth, so not all is lost, but according to Buddhist teachings, earthly life is made up out of dissatisfaction and suffering……..

Not good – and not right, I can not agree with that notion! That is, why I could not become a Buddhist…..

But, for practitioners, especially the ones new to the path, how much heartache and pain do teachings like this cause?

I think, in Buddhist teachings one then meditates upon this heartache / suffering being a sign of attachment that needs to be overcome and sees the suffering itself as prove of the doctrines / Dharma as being right…..

Here, on this card however, I see the suffering:
Convoluted feelings bending over backwards birthing thought forms from the gut – uncensored by the mind.
? Or is it mind gone to mush by pain?
Will the powerful wings bear this Being away from the swords or is any form of flight pinned by the swords of pain?

Buddhist teachings lead away from gut piercing situations like this. Are supposed to lead the disciple to compassionate detachment. One is called to strive towards, what is called “cesation” – of all feelings and passions…. towards equanimity and none-attachment…..

Feeling nothing instead of pain?
In psychology that is not considered healthy…..

Looking at this image, the Being is far away from that goal.
Or has the Being succeeded in removing his/ her mind and thoughts from this suffering and now only the poor body goes through it?

Strugggggeling to escape samsara………..




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