Time to dream and…..


Roots of Asia Tarot:  amnart_klanprachar46

4 of Swords:

While the mighty Kyung Bird, ancestor of Garudas and Phoenixes alike, soars through the air high over the land, a woman rests sleeping in the cradle of his right wing.

She is naked, meaning vulnerable and open, hiding nothing. She is either asleep or deep in meditation, most likely unaware of this, her soul flight.

3 swords, bend by the velocity of the flight have their tips pointing in opposing directions. The first and uppermost points back – to the past, the next forward to the future, the third again to the back and things gone and floating away like the lone feather of the mighty Bird.

The 4th sword is straight and suspended between the Bird Spirit and the land below.

To me it resembles the facts of the matter, the here and now.

Time out

Time to meditate

Time to dream

Time to contemplate life in all its intricacies.

Time to trust the soul to soar.

For the Buddhist practitioner:

Time to distance oneself from one’s self and the selfish ego

Time to detach from all the worldly worries and see them, for what they are: transitory…..




Well, as you can see, my take on this card is quite different from “Sloth” and I am glad about that…..



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