Seek refuge from the vices:

Roots of Asia Tarot

5 of Swords:

Here the mighty Peacock – or Garuda if you will, himself is attacked + threatened and assuaged by a variety of other Birds. These Birds may very well denote thoughts, teachings other than Buddhism, busy pecking holes into the Dharma – the body of Buddhist teaching.


amnart_klanprachar32 (1)

Everyone on a spiritual path HAS TO HAVE DOUBTS! Without them there is just blind following – not born in faith, but mere imitation – maybe even cleverly disguised by the ego as the “real thing” beyond reproach! Oh soooo steadfast….. Defended by the very same swords that prop it all up. What if these swords fail – will the showy dashing bird collapse into itself?

Beware also of false pride in personal spiritual accomplishments!

They are the very traps that trap the soul and halt all true flight.

The Peacock here is well aware of that danger. Looking back he remembers the warnings of his teachers and has gathered all the fragile chicks into the protection of his ample feather gown where they may grow in safety.

Heed the teachings of Yamantaka!

Be aware of the pitfalls of illusions, laziness and being scatter-brained.

The Sangha, the community of Buddhist disciples will help to combat these vices and like the small chicks seeking refuge in the Peacock’s plumage, you/ we  are supposed to take refuge in the Dharma and the Buddha and the Sangha….





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