Practitioner on the path

 Roots of Asia Tarot:

7 of Swords - Copy2

7 of Swords:

The simple sandals of the Buddhist practitioner and pierced or otherwise hampered by swords. Impeded progress on the path.

A certain proficiency has been achieved, the scene is high within the realm of the clouds.

But as in other decks this card often indicates the spy, the enemy coming from within, in this card we see, what happens if the practitioner fell prey to false teachings, to shortcuts on the path or to the pride filled ego.The LWB talks about surmounting (the image shows the sandals above the cloud shrouded mountains with a man made wall in the background)

Surmounting all worldly and emotional attachment – yet again on the way towards “cesation”

The light – of enlightenment is already on the horizon, but is now obscured by dark clouds.

Any moment the sandals – and their wearer may tumble through these clouds and land -quite unceremoniously – on their ass!




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