Back in class and loving it!

I am currently doing an on line course in curanderismo = the art and wisdom of Mexican and Mexican American Folk healers through the university of New Mexico.
I have things to read and study every day and write an exam every week.
It is about herbs, how to prepare tinctures and microdosis with herbs I only remember from when I lived part of the year in mexico 25 years ago….
There are Aztec songs and chants
and lots of different treatments using above mentioned herbs, clays and other agents…..

For the last few days it felt to me, that my daily draws with the Roots of Asia was not supporting my efforts very well.

Sooooo different world views, 2 different parts of our planet….

When using the Roots of Asia, I feel I can not give my card of the day the proper meditative attention because it is so different from where my attention is ….

I also have no time to sit with it or look things up or read my books bout Buddhist teachings….

So I think, I will try to add the cards of the “Songs for the Journey Home” Tarot to my regime of daily draws and see, how that goes 🙂


Reading, using the Songs for the Journey home Tarot:

reading Sept 5

Card 1 – How will I get along with my on line course of curanderismo = Mexican Folk healing practices from the University of New Mexico
Earth Song 7
The hands of an Elder are gently pulling apart a jumble of green plant growth to reveal a field of young plants growing in an orderly row in cultivated earth

= Out of the wild jumble of plant information I will learn to make sense and with diligent work a field of healing wisdom will grow

Card 2 -How will this new deck support my studies?
10 of Flame song:
A woman with long brown hair(me!!) is seen reading the cards of this deck for a probably young person.
In the background is a very ornate, moorish looking window beyond which a large Lotus Flower grows.

Need I say more!!
I just read, that some curandeital also read the cards for their clients – just like me…
The lotus outside may very well stand for the “Roots of Asia: Tarot and my studies about Buddhism. they are fine and will be there at a later date, while I use the opportunity at hand.

Card 3 – Will I eventually incorporate some of the things learned in the course about curanderismo into my daily shamanic practice with my patients and clients?

Earth Innocence ( Princess of Pentacles)
A very confusing and tangled image. Eventually I recognize a few arms and legs …..
A young person is climbing in a Tree that is almost swallowed up in other vegetation.

Yes, there is an abundance of information about plants and plant based treatment and I will have to surmount that and sort it all out in my head.

Many of these plants are unavailable where I live – outside of my home, but the basic concepts of curanderismo – taking time for the patients and working with what Nature provides apply everywhere on Mother Earth.

Card 4:Ultimate outcome – looking into the future = a year from now

Earth Song 9
A large pentagram is superimposed onto the image. A Mother swings her small child in the air and catches it Behind her is a field of white and pink flowers.

Somehow the Flowers immediately remind me of dense fields of Yerba Manza, although that powerful herb looks nothing like the Flowers on the image…..
This course is a “wild child”, that “flew” into my open arms and I grabbed on to it.
I am glad, that I did, I already learned LOTS.
Now is the time to seize the opportunity and the see, how this “wild child” will integrate itself into the healing garden of my established practice.