Medicine Card Pouch and….

This year I do not have as much time as I had in other winters.
I was “under the weather” for a while and am now back into teaching – currently every Thursday together with other Elders from our local First Nations at the Orillia Senior’s Centre, which is presenting a series of Aboriginal Studies workshops. There are quite a variety of speakers and I am there to bring the drums and teach about the sacred use of drums, rattles in ritual and ceremony and during the Pow Wows…..
It is a lot of fun and I am also learning a lot myself.

But not much time for cards 😦
However, I thought I show of my self made and meanwhile well used – and already somewhat battered pouch for my medicine Cards:
it is white Buffalo Leather and Rabbit Fur with a multitude of beads and a small Wolf fetish carving.


Well, with a home like this I thought that it also would be nice to give the book that accompanies the deck a befitting cover:

DSCN5330 (462 x 700)
That however is, where the beauty stops, because the individual pages look more like a scruffy note book:

I like to write my personal notes and impressions of the Animals in question on the margins.

Some of the most “scribbled upon pages” indicate to me, how far away my personal take of an Animal is from Jamie Sam’s descriptions and because of that these then warrant a post for this blog.

DSCN5575 (2)
I hope, in one of the next posts I can introduce you to all my “extra cards” why I added them to the deck and what they represent / point towards in a reading.
However, FIRST I have to find time to write all this…..
So stay tuned ♥