Crysalis Crystallized:

Crysalis Tarot:

I received the Crysalis Tarot as a present a few weeks ago and had been looking forward for some time to look at it and work with it. Finally that time came 🙂

I was quite sure, that I would like this deck; it features many Animals and Nature in the Minors – and yes, I quite like the Minor Arkanas.

But I do have quite a few problems with the Mayors.

Here is the first and biggest:


Merlin as the Hero/ Fool and a “divine Child” as the Hierophant!??

Now in her website

the deck creator talks at lengths about, why she made that choice and it sounds all plausible enough, but for me personally, it just does not work.

It is a mayor stumbling block.

I however could live just fine with an androgynous Divine Child as the Hero/ Fool and wise old Merlin as my Hierophant!

And so my very first act with this deck became to exchange and re-position these 2 cards and change the wording on the cards.


Happy now?

Well Let’s see:

Oh, what is That???

2 Ravens as the Magician?



OK: Hugin and Munin – – and Odin’s Eye is on Igdrasil, the Tree of Wisdom. OK, that is different, but I like it!

Iffff only there were more cards like this, abstract, making you think, but sadly, this one is a stand alone one – at least in the Mayor Arkana. – Leaving through this deck as a whole however, the Raven card come across as if one of the Minors by accident got stuck with the mayors.

Next we have a Sorceress, a young girl with flowing tresses sitting by a cauldron.

2 - Sorceress


Isn’t she a bit young to already BE a Sorceress?

The LWB introduces her as Morgana Le Fay. Morgana certainly is ageless, but to portray an archetype like her as a teen in a Gypsy outfit?

Sure, there is a Crow with her. Sadly my Crow has a printing mistake – there is no colour on the paper, where her head is …… To me that also points to > no Power<

A few years ago I had a very powerful vision about Morgana Le Fey an I think because I “have seen her”as a lady in her 40ties, beautiful, decisive and wise, gathering the souls of fallen soldiers – of our time- I can not see Morgana in the image presented on this card. My bad.

Next in line is Gaia, the Empress – when she was about 11 years old.

Gaia Color


Iffff this one were pregnant now, a crime would have been committed.

Can I live with Gaia’s pubescent innocence?

She does have a cornucopia of abundance with Birds, Snails, Cacti, Butterflies and Flowers around her.

I will have to look towards the little Mouse on the bottom of the image to find an answer to the questions I would liked to ask a more mature Gaia in her womanly/ motherly power

Next is the Green Man as the Emperor! Yaaaaay! I like him!



A wonderful Archetype overlooking the Wren, the king of the Birds in Celtic lore and legends, and his nest.

Remember, in MY deck Merlin comes next, as the Hierophant. The image I quite like and the Cat, a being that can have 9 lives and 9 wisdoms is befitting more for a Hierophant than a Fool. I personally had Merlin figured more as a “dog man”, but – what do I know… I will have to ask him about that 🙂


6 - Lovers

Merlin and “Murseka” also appear in the Lovers card! Together with an array of other Animals:

Rabbit – fertility

Owl -wisdom

Stag – virility

Sheep – sacrifice

Horse – the Journey

And last but not least the Lovers themselves beneath a mighty Tree of Life.

Again VERY young people are shown.

On is a girl for sure.

The other?

Could be either.

I do like that.

But how would a guy, a male reader like this card?

Maleness is represented by good oooold Merlin and the Stag.

Would that be “enough”

How would a gay guy feel, when neither lover is shown as clearly male?

All of a sudden a voice in my head says:

This is a girly girl deck!”

I am stunned!

I start to loooook through the images of the Mayors to find strong male archetypes. Charterers that show maleness – maybe even just a little “sex-appeal” for good oooold me and other woman readers – and for the guys that love guys…..

In the Mayors I am finding – yes, Merlin, I know

and the Green man as well as Herne the Hunter in the position of the Chariot. He looks like a shaman Elder with his white goat face –



Papa Legba as Strengths is sort of in his 40ties and so the only guy in the Mayors that is shown as fully human and NOT a grizzled Elder.


He is also a lonely character, a Vodoun/Voodoo Llwa among mostly Celtic archetypes…… Some of his cohorts however are to be found in the 3 of Mirrors

While having written all these somewhat critical words a biiig nasty thunderstorm came up and bloooows out the hydro= electricity supply to the house!!

= the wrath of the Gods and the deck creator – so I better stop for now.

To be continued ….. in better weather, when the Gods cooled down a bit!


2 thoughts on “Crysalis Crystallized:

  1. I had a similar reaction to this deck. Couldn’t use it, though it’s really pretty to look at! I sold it and it now has a happy home in Ireland. All’s well!

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