Oracle for 2016:

Card 1: Task at hand:

Be the dentist of the Flying Lion!

Gently paint his flanks with Ivy hearts and

Grace his shaggy mane with garlands of Roses

Listen to the wisdom of the Infinity Fish!”

DSCN8270 (2)

Card 2: Guardian for the New Year:

Your Gypsy Moth Ancestors advise you to

Proudly wear the Snake Wisdom you experienced

and use it to leave behind the thicket of familiar battles.

Allow yourself to be guided by your sensitive Fiddle-Head antennas

and sneak off with the spoils of deception.”

DSCN8270 (3).jpg

Card 3: Outcome:

“If you trust the Eye of your Gut and the heavenly Snail Guide

you will be led towards the red Acres of the Moon Goose Flowers!

Your courage, your creative approach as well as your cheery disposition will ensure, that you will advance to be installed as the trusted assistant of the famed Snake Tailed Lynx- Shaman!

Although his cloak speaks of Magic, beware of his forked tongue.

With him not all is always Ecinacea!”

DSCN8270 (4)