The Wild Unknown Oracle of Snakes and Eggs:


You folks all know, how much I LOVE Animals and that I have a predilection for Animal Oracles and Tarots. So I was very exited to receive the Wild Unknown Oracle as a Winter Solstice present. I do have and quite like its predecessor, the Wild unknown Tarot and even coloured most all cards as a meditative exercise that took me deeper into the “card soul” of the deck.

The WU Oracle – I do love the sturdy box and the silky card stock and do like most of the individual art work, feeling, that is gives justice to the Animal selected. But it is the selection of Animals itself, that soon after starting to use the deck for my daily 3 card draws, that I bumped up against.

My daily draw is:

1 – guardian of the day

2 – challenge/ obstacle

3 – advice/ outcome

I can not tell you how often I managed to draw the combination of Earthworm – Sea Serpent and Snake

and perplexedly starrrrred at the 3 swirrrrling circles of life before me…..

Or the combination of Crow – Black Egg – and cosmic Egg!??

Why are there soooo many eggs and Snakes with eggs?

Because sure enough, I see the Crow sitting on – an Egg and if it is not the Crow, then it is the Nightingale sitting on a Robin’s egg…….

OK, this is not, what it is supposed to be, according to the accompanying booklet and so to the deck creator…… that is just what I see….

So of course I did study the book.

And then I stumbled over the next hurdle – for me:

Many of the descriptions accompanying the Animals are not at all related to lore and myth but probably more the personal view of the deck creator. On the one hand, that is very interesting and lets me into her head, on the other hand I feel, that a user that is new to all the world wide lore and myth about the depicted animals is mission out a LOT!

For example the Hyena: (Yes, I painted mine!)do you know, that Hyenas live in a very strictly matrilineal society and that the strongest female, in an attempt to become the pack leader with mating and pub rearing privileges often has to fight her litter sisters to the death?

Would you want to know these things if the card comes up in a reading?

Did you know, that in India and Nepal Peacocks are seen as having an “all seeing eye” and are said to be able to transmute poison? Their feathers are used in cleansing rituals by shamans and also in some Buddhist rituals.

And in the book the Bear is the lowliest of the Earth mammals 😦 does the deck creator know, that circum-polar = from the Ainu in Japan all across Siberia to Finland, Norway, Sweden to the early tribes of England and of course here all over North America the Bear is a powerful healer and aid to the shaman who heals with herbs, son and ritual. Among my own Siberian ancestral tribe it is told that the Bear was a Sky Khan, a God. He agreed to come down to Earth to teach the Khams = Shamans how to heal the sick and then guard the eastern Door against Albis and other disease spirits. Here in North America the Bear is a healer everywhere.

In our Mohawk Longhouse the Sachem always tells us the beautiful story of how the Bear changed into an ooooold man and came into the home of the Bear Clan matriarch to teach her how to heal all kinds of diseases and what herbs to use when and where…..

There would be many many similar stories to tell, that often would contradict the promptings given in the book.

Many others I am now tasked to discover for myself. Zebra and Stingray for example were not Critters, that I was previously familiar with – when it comes to lore and legend.

Zebra of course has a coat that totally camouflages it against its background, because the big Cats Cheetah, Lion and Panther see only in black and white and so the Zebra has no clear contours……

Interesting, eh?

Well, this is just me, putting a couple of Fire Ants underneath your bud, to go deeper and find out about the true Medicine of the depicted Animals.


2 thoughts on “The Wild Unknown Oracle of Snakes and Eggs:

  1. Fire Ants… hmmm… I met them, once… ouch!

    It’s hard knowing what the creator of WU Oracle has written, as I don’t own them. I do read intuitively, so would come up with my own feelings and interpretations regardless of who wrote what, because that’s how I work, but I also believe that it is good to look deeper, and to understand the creatures represented in various cards.

    I’ve learnt much about Bear from you, and from elsewhere, I know of Peacock from time spent travelling through India, and I had heard some, but not all, of what you said re Hyenas.

    I’m thinking that that information would prove most useful! 😀

  2. ♥ Fire Ants are one of the Animal cards in the deck and I did draw them several times in a row – I was procrastination about getting back to work after the winter holidays….. That went to show me….!

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