the Sacred days of Summer spread:

I am participating in a group on Aeclectic Tarot, that is doing a Summer Solstice Reading with “the Sacred Days of Summer ” spread.

Each day for the next 12 days we will draw 1 card for this spread.

Here is a little more info about this spread – and maybe you will follow along?



The Sacred Days of Midsummer spread is inspired by the Sacred Days of Yule Spread created by June Kaminski. This spread brings in inspiration from various cultures to help us embrace the sacredness of the festive season of summer. This is an advanced spread for any level of reader to use during the time of Midsummer, June 14-June 25. We will walk this sacred path together around the Summer Solstice.

Like the Yule spread, the Sacred Days of Midsummer spread is unique because it is done over these twelve days. You need to find a quiet private space to progress through this spread, since a card is added and left on the wheel as each day passes.

Sacred Days of Midsummer Interpretation

This spread will help you to learn to apply the tarot to enjoy and enrich your passage through the twelve days from June 14th to 25th, drawing on multicultural festivities that take place during this time.


1. Birth of the Muses – June 14: This card shows how our inspiration and creativity is manifesting.

2. Vestalia – June 15: An ancient Roman festival dedicated to Vesta, Goddess of the Hearth. This card shows us our hearth, the fire at the center of our life and home, and how to tend to it.

3. Night of the Teardrop – June 16: Remembrance of the tears of Isis causing the Nile River to overflow. This card shows what our emotions are telling us at this time.

4. Juno, Goddess of Fertility and Union – June 17: Celebrating the ancient Roman goddess for whom the month of June is named. This card shows us an area of fertile growth in our lives.

5. Festival of Strawberries – June 18: As the strawberries ripen, this card shows us the sweetness in our lives.

6. Oak King – June 19: A dedication to the Oak King, who is now near the height of his power in his battle with the Holly King. This card shows us our strength.

7. Scrying – June 20: In the tradition of scrying at the time of Midsummer, this card shows us a blessing to come.

8. Summer Solstice – June 21: We are at the height of the sun’s power, the longest day, in the Northern Hemisphere; OR in the Southern Hemisphere this day is the turning point for the days to get longer. This card shows us how to shine our own light like the Sun.

9. Honey Moon – June 22: This card shows us how to release anxieties or worries, how to enjoy ourselves in this moment.

10. Saint John’s Eve – June 23: Like the herbs traditionally gathered on St. John’s Eve, this card shows what protects or heals us.

11. Guru Purnima – June 24: Indian festival of expressing gratitude to teachers. This card reminds us of a lesson we have learned, or an experience or person that has taught us something, that we should remember and have gratitude for as we move forward.

12. Parvati, Earth Mother – June 25: The card shows us how to ground ourselves and how to connect with the earth’s abundance.

__________________________________________________ _______
This spread is unique from other spreads – it is done one card at a time, over the course of twelve days. Each card is meant to be drawn and reflected upon as a separate entity, with a special unique message for the particular sacred day.

1. If you like you may print out a copy of the Yule wheel spread for guidance on the layout- or just use the layout shown there, also shown above.

2 Select a consistent time of day to draw each card over the twelve days if you can- or, just find a time that works for you.

3. Each day, draw one card from your tarot deck and lay it out according to the corresponding spoke of the wheel. Reflect on each card and glean the message it has for you, according to the meanings given above.

4. By June 25th your wheel will be full with the drawn twelve cards. Reflect on the overall meaning of these twelve cards as a whole and write down your impressions of the message for this sacred time.



Well, my first card in this spread is the 10 of Wands.

A person is carrying 10 long poles towards a tent, set up beneath a starry sky illuminated by the waxing moon. A fire provides warmth, light and comfort at this camp site. I see, that the task the person is engaged in is laborious and difficult. Tooooo many poles to control at the same time. Are the poles meant as fuel for the fire or will they be for setting up another tent/ tzartan/ teepee or other shelter?

I do resonate deeply with the image.

This is me, trying to carry the load – all by myself.


Today was a stressful hectic day: We had to set up our booth at the local Farmer’s Market all the while showing and teaching friends, that wanted to help out, how to do that. That made the whole procedure awkward and even more time consuming then it already is. Later one of our friends drove my husband to a larger town down south, so he can catch a bus to the airport to fly to see his ageing and recently quite confused mother in Germany. Peter will be gone for – not as we discussed 14 days, but decided on 3 weeks. So, literally, I am left holding up the “sticks” here, with our business, 2 more than 15 year old cars, that always break down, a log-house in the bush where a Black Bear just broke in the basement door at dawn today, making a mess and letting millions of Mosquitoes and Blackflies and other biting insects, never mind mice into the house…..

I just see, the door of the tent on my card of the day is open . It looks inviting, but…..

It might be inviting friends – and or trouble…….

In the days to come I will have to carefully choose how much of a “load” I can and how much of it I am willing to carry – all by myself. Help is there, when I need it. It is also time for finding new and creative ways to solve problems. I can rely on my creativity; I am a professional artist. I also have a “knack“to “Jerry-rig” things, when in a pinch.

The scene in my card is night.

At the end of the day, I will have to drop all the sticks, chores and all the stuff to do and make some time to relax and sit by the fire to regenerate, or I will wear myself out.

Sometimes I have a tendency to do that, just to get things “done”.

This is the 10 of Wands, and 10 point towards endings.

Yes, there will be an end to this in about 3 weeks, when Peter comes home again – or will there?

In 3 weeks our summer season will start in earnest with thousands of tourists descending on Muskoka and our business will be hopping like crazzzzy until mid September….

We will both be carrying more than “too many sticks”

We also KNEW, that times like this would come: Peter;s mom declining and he having to take a more active role in her care and decision making. In Germany he will be carrying just as many “sticks” as I am here. They will be of a different nature, but they will weigh heavy on both of our souls.

May he too have a fire, where he can relax, at the end of a hard day.


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