Solstice Reading Card 2 Hearth Fire:

2. Vestalia – June 15:

An ancient Roman festival dedicated to Vesta, Goddess of the Hearth.

This card shows us our hearth, the fire at the centre of our life and home, and how to tend to it.

My Hearth Fire card

is the 2 of Wands from the Greenwood Tarot:

A Person stands between 2 staffs, the third staff is deep within him/ her as a sacred centre.

The red and white Snakes form a double helix of kundalini Medicine Energy and have risen above the person’s heart and are reaching the the throat energy centre any moment. then, when the heart overflows into the throat, will we will hear words of wisdom -or a chant?

The Person is changing form being person to being Shaman/ healer/ seer; hands raised to receive and transmit this sacred inner fire. The air surrounding this seer is flirrrrring with the Energy and it swirls outward as well as inward in fluid drops of Medicine Power and insight.

I had my first full up rising of the kundalini Energy when I was barely 18 years old and it transformed me completely!!

It was exhilarating painful, confusing delicious and yes, completely transformational……

Since then THIS is my inner HEARTH FIERE and the guiding force for my shamanic practice and work with my patients.

It flows up from the Earth through me and out through them and sometimes also their loved ones and ultimately back into the Earth. I do feel it of course, but when the trance is full On” I can also see and smell it. Flirrring Energy for which I am just a convenient conduit.

Yes, in the card I also see the white pebbles that actually form the ground = the Earth = the need to be grounded, when it happens. The centre conduit open but not in a way, that completely overwhelms the practitioner – like it inevitably will, when it happens the very first time…..

Since back then I have also help people through their very first kundalini rising experience and its aftereffects…

How do I tend to it?

By giving Thanks for being allowed to let it flow through me onward to others.

This Fire after all is also the sacred source for my creativity and so for my daily income as an artist. It also is the very Fire that rises in me, when I read Tarot for others; just that then it is a gentle sissseling tickle coming up my spine into the top of my head…..

I honour this Energy by not “holding on”, by grounding myself, by – again- NOT over-doing it, because this Fire can easily burn a candle on both ends and burn up a person completely, consume him/ her. Create nothing but “burned toast.”

Chesca Potter, the artist of the Greenwood Tarot knows the trance and that feeling. In that aspect we are “birds of a feather”. She however also knows, how to DRAW that! For that I am very thankful.♥

Back to today and this reading:

Today, when pulling this card of course the shamanic aspect of this card is the first thing I pay attention to.

Sooo, while the Kundalini and the DNA-like double helix of the healing Snakes are my inner Hearth Fire, I should not forget the mundane booooring good old stove in the middle of my house. In the middle of the Canadian bush it keeps us toasty warm, even when it is – 40 centigrade outside. It then is the natural centre of the home and through its glass window we can see, observe and meditate with the roaring flames inside. A good Fire meditation late at night at the stove – or outside at our fire ring is rejuvenating and healing in itself. It is the daily “little Fire, that can”

In hectic times – like the ones I confronted in yesterday’s reading, that is essentially important. So I am glad, that while yesterday’s card among other things also featured this “little Fire, that can” today’s card features the Fire of my Life.

May YOUR Fire burn bright as well!


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