Solstice Reading card 3: Of Foxes and Tears

3. Night of the Teardrop – June 16:

Remembrance of the tears of Isis causing the Nile River to overflow.

This card shows what our emotions are telling us at this time. 

For today I drew the Fox, the Knight of Wands

I seem to be going with a Wand theme here!

All growth, creativity , Fire, energy all the time, even when asked about a question, that addresses my feelings.

In terms of the question I am “hung up” on “night of the tears”.

Yes I could cry a river right now.

A river of tears for my Mother in law, Elisabeth, who at 89 is rapidly sliding into dementia. She bravely tries to cover up her multiple lapses with some sarcastic wit, a typical symptom of the problem. My husband is now over in Germany, with her to rally his 2 brothers and come up with all the sad stuff that will have to happen next, that will curtail her independence and send her off on the long lonely road into darkness.

I could also cry roaring rivers of angry tear for my sister/ friend and for my Native American teacher Ed ( ***)  both befallen with cancer in the later stages.

Yes, I do/ did drum and ask the Spirits for help, and for a while it worked on one and will still work on the other, but I was also told by the Spirits, that ultimately both stand in the sunset of their life……

As a shaman, I can help – to some extend……

But I can not prevent the inevitable.

Not for myself and not for others. We all will have to take that journey at some point.

So often I just cry a river….. and pray, for them to “be in Grace” as long and as well as possible.

The Fox on my card stands within – what in Siberia we call a “dalbur”, a wishing rod.

Some people can use them to witch for water, shamans decorate them with bells for the Sky Spirits and Horse hair for “Hümorü” = Windhorse Energy = Life Energy and then we work on our patients with them. My dalbur also has Raven claws, for Ee’ren Karakoruk, who guides Souls…..

The Fox – I wrote a very long post about Fox Medicine on the Shamanic Drum blog , so ifff anyone is interested, check it out.

Fox like every predator knows everything about death. He is a knight of the swift kill. That is his wisdom. That is, what gives him life.

Ee’ren Dilgiczek is turning around and looking back.

At what was – a full life, well lived, full of love and creativity, kids, grand kids…..

As I am drying my tears, I am taking comfort in that


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